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What our readers find interesting:
Our readers are particularly interested in:

  • City of Kawartha Lakes events, 
  • Recommendations of City of Kawartha Lakes businesses, 
  • Recipes using local foods, 
  • Good news about local people,and organizations., 
  • Health alerts and 
  • Saving money.

Would you like to write a monthly series about happenings in your corner of City of Kawartha Lakes? We welcome you! Writing a series can help establish your google authorship, and promote your business too!
We will happily post:

  • Birthday wishes, 
  • Anniversaries, and 
  • Other life events. 

We are interested in the stories behind local businesses too, but straight out and out ads .... well.. they really aren't that interesting to our readers.

Want your business featured on Kawartha Lakes Mums? No time to write? We offer ghost writing services too.
What We Do Not Publish: We do not publish anything that is not considered family - friendly by our editorial department. We are not interested in anyone's sexuality, that's your own business. We are not interested in endorsements of drugs, alcohol, smoking or events promoting their use.
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