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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Life Saving #KawarthaLakes Chain of Survival in Action! [#ThankfulThursdays]

Kawartha Lakes Mums -You Can Save Lives!

Could you be part of the Chain of Survival?

from City of Kawartha Lakes
December 5, 2013, 2:00 p.m. Mr. Bill Gallacher was walking outside of the Target store when he suddenly collapsed. Off-duty Paramedic Pat Callaghan observed the incident and began compression-only CPR. He continued compressions for about two minutes until the Advanced Care Paramedic ambulance arrived, as well as Lindsay Firefighters. The Firefighters continued CPR and the Paramedics delivered defibrillation shocks, as well as medications aimed at resuscitating Mr. Gallacher.
The emergency response team from citizen to professional rescuers were successful.

Mr. Gallacher was transported to Ross Memorial Hospital Emergency Department where intensive care measures were initiated.
“The success of this story is totally due to the actions of the citizen rescuer Pat Callaghan,” said Keith Kirkpatrick, Chief of Kawartha Lakes Paramedic Service. “He is truly a hero and I am proud to say he is one of our paramedics.”
What is important to share is that you don’t have to be a paramedic to save a life. The skills Pat used can be learned by simply watching the video at handsonlycpr.org.

The rescuers involved in this incident were:
Pat Callaghan – off duty paramedic; Charles Phillips – paramedic; Greg Murphy – paramedic; Brian Junkin – firefighter; Brian Beukeboom – firefighter; and Jeremy Thomas - firefighter (absent).
image from City of Kawartha Lakes - Shows life savers  in uniform listed below
Photo (l to r): Keith Kirkpatrick, Charles Phillips, Greg Murphy, Pat Callaghan, Bill Gallacher, Mayor Ric McGee, Brian Beukeboom, Brian Junkin
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