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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Love #PaddingtonMovie? Loveable Paddington Bear #Freebies!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Readers - Does Your Family Love Paddington Bear? Enjoy These Paddington Bear Themed Freebies!

 Paddington that loveable bear is in Movie theatres starting January 16th in a brand new adventure!If you've a Paddington Fan in your family, you'll love these Paddington Bear Freebies and gift ideas!
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What Paddington Bear Themed Freebies did we discover?
Here are a few we discovered. What have you found?

Who is Paddington Bear?

In case you're not familiar with Paddington here is a little synopsis of the upcoming movie.:
Paddington Bear Cut Out from Paddington Movie

Paddington, a young bear from the jungles of Peru with a passion for all things British, travels to London in search of a home.
Finding himself lost and alone at Paddington Station, he begins to realize that city life is not all he had imagined - until he meets the kindly Brown family, who read the label around his neck -
'Please look after this bear. Thank you'. 
The Brown family name him after the station and offer him a temporary home, where he discovers his favourite food - marmalade!
However, when Paddington gets into mischief, Mr. Brown is not at all impressed and decides the little bear is no longer welcome to stay.
That's not the worst of Paddington's troubles - a taxidermist played by Nicole Kidman spots the bear and decides to stuff him!

Paddington Bear Party Ideas

Paddington Bear Party Invitations

At Free Printables for you they have some great free Paddington Bear Birthday Party Invitarions you can edit on line and print out.
Paddington Bear Party Invitations - Free Printables 4 U

Paddington Bear Treats

Amy Locurto at Living Locurto has a great tutorial on how to make these Paddington Bear Cupcakes,, with an especially cool tip on creating the nose.
Paddington Bear Cupcakes - Living Locuto
Kami Biglar at No Biggie offers a free printable Big Bear Hug tag along with this cute PAddington Bear snack idea. Teddy Bear Cookies.
Paddington Bear Treats -Free Printable Tags- No Biggie
Paddington Bear Marmalade Sandwiches
Over at Mums Take Five, they have a great recipe for Marmalade that you can make and use in those famous marmalade sandwiches that Paddington Bear loves. Make up a few small jars to tuck in the goodie bags for children to take home.
Paddington Bear Party Marmalade - Mums Take Five

Paddington Bear Crafts

Maggie Woodley at Red Ted Art created this adorable Paddington Bear TP Roll Tutorial complete with a matchbox suitcase and felt marmalade sandwiches. After all:
 A prudent bear always carries a spare marmalade sandwich tucked under his hat in case of emergencies.
Paddington Bear TP Roll Craft - Red Ted Art
Party Bags!  Mari Le Baron of Make and Takes created these cute Paddington Bear party bags.
Paddington Bear Party Bags - Make and Takes

Paddington Bear Suitcase Game Ideas

Print out this Free Paddington Bear Suitcase Pattern, from Craftsy and make several copies to create one or more Paddington Bear Suitcase Games.
Free Paddington Bear Suitcase Pattern - Craftsy
Some suitcase games you might play using this pattern:
  • Pin the handle on the suitcase.
  • Suitcase Treasure Hunt - hide the suitcases for children to find.
  • Suitcase Match up - Put numbers on half of the suitcases and dots on the other half.
How will you use this free pattern?
I'm going to London with Paddington and in My Suitcase I'll pack: 
This game is a switch up the traditional "In My Suitcase Alphabet Game" , requires no props, and is a great game for up to 26 players.
Seat everyone in a circle. If you have 26 players have the youngest start the game. 10-13 players? Start with the oldest.
The first person says:
I'm going to London with Paddington and in My Suitcase I'll pack: 
A an [Something beginning with A the sillier the better -Alligator?]
Then the next person repeats and adds
B - a [Something starting with B]
Keep all engaged by having everyone do actions of the items as they're said, or when someone gets stuck.

Free Paddington Party Activities using the Paddington Bear Official website.

The Paddington Bear Movie Site Offers  free interactive photo booth where you can upload pics of the party goers, and print for them to rake home as a party favour.
Here's a picture of Paddington offering our Wally cat a marmalade sandwich. Do you think she might prefer tuna?
Create Free "Photo Booth Pics for Party Goers to Take Home.
The Movie site also offers 26 Free Printables including:
  • Connect the Dots: 
  • Paddington Story Starter: 
  • Paddington Memory Game: 
  • Map Game:  
  • Printable Gift Tag: 
  • Paddington Bingo Game 
  • Learn to Draw Paddington’s Hat: 
  • Paddington Word Search: 
  • Paddington Fill-in-the-Blank: 
  • Paddington Colouring Pages 
  • Paddington Bookmarks:
  • Paddington Word Search
  • Paddington Marmalade Valentines
  • Paddington Maze
See the link  to the movie site in the related links below.

Paddington in Local Theatres

Paddington is playing in Downtown Lindsay at Century Cinemas 3 (OTG) 141 Kent Street K9V 2Y5 

  • Sat (Jan 17) 2:00, 7:00, 9:30 
  • Sun (Jan 18) 2:00, 7:30 
  • Mon (Jan 19) 7:30 
  • Tue (Jan 20) 7:30 
  • Wed (Jan 21) 7:30 
  • Thu (Jan 22) 7:30
For further information visit the Lindsay Century Cinemas 3 Website link in the related links below.
What do you love best about Paddington Bear?
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