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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Fed Up with Hydro One? Join Kawartha Lakes Crowd Looking at Solar!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Readers Are You Fed Up with Hydro One? Local Residents Voicing Concerns! 

This post has information about what some Kawartha Lakes citizens are doing about Hydro One charges. Including Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock NDP MP Candidate Mike Perry.
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image   Kawartha Lakes NDP Candidate Mike Perry with Andrea Horwath NDP
Kawartha Lakes NDP Candidate Mike Perry with Andrea Horwath 
Why would Mike Perry involve himself in a provincial issue?
Mr. Perry recently travelled to Toronto where he met with Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath to raise local concerns and support the NDP’s bill to require the public be consulted before the government can sell Hydro One. Mike explained that Hydro One is an issue of importance to most of his constituents saying:
“Though Hydro is a provincial jurisdiction, Members of Parliament need to be willing to help their constituents with any problems they have. I am hearing about hydro at every door I knock on,” says Perry. 

Mike Perry Addresses Hydro One Concerns of Kawartha Lakes Constituents

Federal NDP Candidate Mike Perry is helping to ensure local residents are heard at Queen’s Park when it comes to hydro rates and stopping the sell-off of Ontario Hydro.

In response, listening to local residents, Mr. Perry has been helping seniors in Fenelon Falls with a letter-writing campaign against skyrocketing hydro rates and has helped the leadership of the Enough Is Enough movement, recently boarding a bus with residents from across the riding to protest rates at Queen’s Park in Toronto.
Mr. Perry says he also discussed hydro with Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock MPP Laurie Scott. “This is about getting results for people, not partisanship,” Perry adds

Local Residents Looking at Alternate Energy Solutions! 

“Hydro rates are out of control,“ notes Deb Mahoney of Bobcaygeon. “Mike has been very helpful in our work to get rates down.” 
Ms. Mahoney is involved with the Enough Is Enough Campaign and says she is exploring solar to get off the grid and has even considered moving due to hydro rates.
Free Off Grid Solar DVD Offer
Mr. Perry noted the federal government can play a role to reduce hydro rates.
The NDP has committed to spending less money to subsidize oil and more on green energy, including cheaper sources like water power.
“I was at the hydro rate protest in Lindsay last year,” says Perry, “and will keep helping people where I can as I hear peoples’ stories.” 

Solar Solutions - Will They Work For You?

While full-scale off-grid solutions might not be a viable solution for everyone, certainly any items we could run on solar power could help reduce energy bills.
It is amazing the number of different ways people can harness the power of the sun to offset the amount they are using power from Hydro One.
For example, how about charging your cell phone or camera battery using the sun?
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Anxious about being out of power when the next power outage hits? I remember when my mum was on oxygen this was a very real concern.
What about a backup generator for power outages to keep your food from spoiling or run the sump pump?
Emergency Solar Generator
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How do you feel about Hydro One charges? Are you using some alternate forms of energy to power items in your home?
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