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Saturday, 30 July 2016

CHEX Kawartha Lakes Reports Giant Toxic Weed!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Shares: Strolling Kawartha Lakes? Be Prepared! 

CHEX TV recently covered a City if Kawartha Lakes in a new way - with on street interviews!
Thinking of nipping out for milk in that ratty T-Shirt?
You may want to rethink that, because your 2 minutes of fame may be next!
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So what is this giant toxic weed that burns and causes blindness?
How can you protect yourself?
Here is the CHEX NEWS clip.

 Kawartha Lakes Gian Hog Weed -Causes Blindness! 

Residents are being warned after Giant Hogweed – a plant that can cause severe burns and even blindness – has been located within the City of Kawartha Lakes.
In a news clip, Greg Davis reports effort are being taken to destroy the invasive and dangerous plant.

The latest sighting?
A ditch along Chambers Road.
What'so dangerous about Giant Hogweed?
Oliver Vigelius, manager west maintenance area Lindsay explains:
"It’s definitely a planut you want to stay away from. The City of Kawartha Lakes is warning residents not to touch the large perennial plant. Its sap can cause severe burns and blisters which can last for many months before healing and can reoccur. And it can cause temporary or permanent blindness if it gets in contact with your eyes as well. "
 This summer, City of Kawartha Lakes has killed three of the toxic plants: two near Killarney Bay Road in Cameron and another on County Road 121 in Kinmount.

How do you Kill Giant Hogweed?

To kill Giant Hogweed, Kawartha Lakes ddpartment of works removes the head of the plant, then treats the surrounding with herbicide to kill any seeds which can lay dormant in the soil for years.

Kawartha Lakes Giant Hogweed Rare

How common is Giant Hogweed  in City of Kawartha Lakes?
Vigelius explains:
"We didn’t have any last year or the year before. It’s not very widespread within Kawartha Lakes and we’re paying a great deal of attention to it to keep it that way."
 The Giant Hogweed resembles native species such as Queen Anne’s lace or wild carrort and cow parnsip. But the Giant Hogweed has coarse hairs on its stalk. It definitely grows to a giant size.
The Giant Hogweed found in City of Kawartha Lakes  ranged in size  from six to seven feet tall with leaves approaching a meter wide.

However,  Giant Hogweed is pretty rare in  our area.
What you need to be more prepared for are roving reporters like Greg Davis!

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Did you know about Giant Hogweed?
Which do you think people need to be more aware of' Giant Hogweed or on the spot reporting?
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