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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

#AD Marketing Your Business Online? Improve Results Using These Top Studies!

Kawartha Lakes Families Seeking Great Marketing Advice? Have You Tried These Word of Mouse Advertising Techniques?

Word of mouth advertising has long been the most successful form of advertising. People trust their friends and relatives to give them sound advice. So how does this apply when marketing your business online?
Marketing Strategies- Word of Mouse;The Marketing Power of Collaborative Filtering
Know What Your Customers Want Before They Do!
"WORD OF MOUSE" is the first book on the newest and most effective form of marketing from two remarkable visionaries - John Riedl and Joseph Konstan .
Who are they?
What did they discover in their marketing analysis?
What strategies do they map out in their book that can help you increase revenue, customer loyalty, and satisfaction?
Here is your opportunity to own this highly praised book for half-price in this one day deal!

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Why should you listen to what  John Riedl and Joseph Konstan have to say about marketing?
Here is a bit of background info on Joseph and John.

Marketing Innovators :John Riedl and Joseph Konstan

John Riedl and Joseph Konstan are two computer scientists from Minnesota who pioneered of Collaborative Filtering (CF).
What is Collaborative Filtering?
CF is a technology that enables companies to understand their customers and in turn sell products, goods, and services with remarkable success.
To test CF, John Riedl and Joseph Konstan built two Internet sites, MovieLens and GroupLens, that allowed users to customize their preferences for movies and news. The results were astounding. MovieLens demonstrated amazing accuracy, almost ensuring that the recommendation would prove enjoyable.
In "WORD OF MOUSE," the authors John Riedl and Joseph Konstan analyze dozens of companies from Best Buy to Amazon to TiVo and show what these companies are doing right and what they are doing wrong.
Riedl and Konstan map out a broad range of strategies that companies can employ to raise revenue, customer loyalty, and satisfaction.
Could your business use increased customer loyalty and sales?
Work smarter – not harder!
Grab  “Word of Mouse” now and get on the winning track!
Special pricing Monday, November 28,2016 Reg. 16.19  NOW ONLY 8.09 !
Get This Special "Word Of Mouse" Marketing Book Deal here!

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