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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Healing Horse Centre Hosts Dream Weaver Workshops!

Healing Horse Centre : Dreamweaver ~

Do you have a dream — a vision of how your life could be/should be/would be? Yet you find it’s elusive, always floating up out of reach, beyond your grasp? Learn to weave your wishes into reality. The horses will teach you how to anchor your dreaming down to Earth.

Or perhaps you’re the opposite — too busy, overwhelmed and downhearted to have a dream for your future? Learn to clear your mind, access your inner wisdom, and dare to dream. Let the horse be your guide.

1-Day Adult (18 & up) Dreamweaver Workshop: May 12, July 28 or Sep 22. (For groups, dates of your choosing may be arranged; contact us with the day you have in mind.)


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