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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Kawartha Lakes : Monkey Owner Haven? Not Long!

Kawartha Mums - Exotic Pet Bylaw Loophole Being Stuffed!

According to a Kawartha Lakes press release, Yasmin Nakhuda, former owner of Darwin, the IKEA monkey, recently stated she plans to relocate to Kawartha Lakes as there are no restrictions on owning exotic animals.
Ms. Nakhuda is currently in a legal battle to regain custody of the monkey who is now living at the Storybook Farm Primate Sanctuary in Sunderland, Ontario. However City of Kawartha Lakes is looking at amending its bylaws to not allow exotic pets. Do you have an exotic pet in your home? What do you think?
Here is a video the owner shot titled Japanese Snow Macaque vs African Grey

Kawartha Lakes: Currently No Exotic Pet Bylaw

'The City of Kawartha Lakes currently does not have an exotic pet by-law,' said Director of Development Services Ron Taylor. 'Staff will be bringing a draft by-law forward for council consideration early in 2013.'

A review of the city’s dog by-law earlier in 2012 looked at further restrictions to the number of animals in household and possible restrictions on exotic pets which is why the draft by-law is being prepared.
“We want to establish restrictions as owners are often unqualified to own and care for exotic pets,” said Taylor. “There are safety and health concerns including disease transmission.”

Currently exotic animals are not regulated provincially leaving municipalities to pass by- laws to deal with them.
If the by-law were approved, existing exotic pets in Kawartha Lakes would be grandfathered but owners would be required to adhere to licensing regulations.
Do you have an exotic pet in your home? What do you think?

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