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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Kawartha Lakes Churches

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Is Your Church Group Listed?

City of Kawartha Lakes has many churches. What is a church? A church is not a building, but a group of people who gather to share their faith.
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Most Kawartha Lakes churches have buildings, some do not. Here is a list of churches from the  City of Kawartha Lakes website 2013 Community Directory pdf, which we have augmented with a few more starred listings that have not been added to their site yet, for example, Omemee was missing four groups! We look forward to linking these listings to blog articles. If you know of any churches that are missing from this list please drop us a comment, and also notify the City of Kawartha Lakes at the address below.

City of Kawartha Lakes Churches

Bethany United Church – 705-277-2204 www.bpunitedchurch.com
Bethel Christian Fellowship- 705-738-2263 www.bcfonline.ca
Christ Anglican Church – 705-738-2263 www.christchurchbobcaygeon.com
Fellowship Baptist Church – 705-738-3995
Knox Presbyterian Church – 705-738-4086 www.knoxbobcaygeon.ca
Trinity-Providence United Church – 705-738-5135 www.trinityprovidence.com
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church- 705-439-3691 http://pccweb.ca/bolsover/
Burnt River
Burnt River United Church – 705-454-3421
Cambray United Church 705-357-4747 www.cambraycommunityunitedchurch.org
Cameron Community Church – 705-454-9513
Jehovah’s Witness – 705-359-1229
Christ Church Anglican – 705-887-2537 Faith Tabernacle – 705-454-2771
Knox United Church – 705-454-3421
St. Luke’s Catholic Church – 705-799-6943
Dunsford United Church – 705-793-2511
Fenelon Falls
See Fenelon Falls Churches post for Map Links, Video and more.
Janetville United Church – 705-324-4006
Kinmount Baptist Church- 705-488-3188 www.kinmountbaptistchurch.ca
Kinmount United Church- 705-454-3421 www.kinmountunitedchurch.com
St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church – 705-488-2222
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church – 705-438-3606
St. John’s Roman Catholic Church – 705-438-3123
Bethel Evangelical Missionary Church – 705-324-5729 www.bethelalive.ca
Cambridge Street Baptist Church – 705-324-4712 www.cambridgestreetbaptistchurch.com Cambridge Street United Church – 705-324-3547 www.theunitedchurch.com
Calvary Pentecostal Church – 705-324-4681 www.calvarypentecostal.com
Christian Reformed Church – 705-328-0177 www.lindsaycrc.ca
Fairview Baptist Church – 705-324-6054 www.fairviewc.com
Lindsay Alliance Church – 705-878-1980
Lindsay Gospel Church – 705-324-9002
New Apostolic Church- 705-878-4907
People’s Full Gospel Church – 705-324-1552
Queen Street United Church – 705-324-4372 www.qsuc.ca
* RAVEN Ministeries -30 Logie Street
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church – 705-324-4842 www.standrewslindsay.com
St. Mary’s Parish Community – 705-324-4828 www.stmaryslindsay.ca
St. Paul’s Anglican Church – 705-324-4666 www.st-pauls-lindsay.ca
Salvation Army Citadel Lindsay – 705-324-9511
United Church of the Kawarthas – 705-341-5920
Vineyard Christian Fellowship – 705-878-8463
Little Britain
Little Britain Community Baptist Church – 705-786-2200 www.littlebritaincommunitybaptist.com Little Britain United Church – 705-786-2899 www.littlebritainunitedchurch.ca
*Mount Horeb
Norland United Church – 705-454-3421
Pioneer Baptist Church – 705-454-2373
Oakwood United Church – 705-953-1229
Bethel United Church - 705 -799-2077
Trinity United Church - 705 -799-7886
Christ Church Anglican -705 -799-2098
Omemee Baptist Church -705- 799-1469
Omemee Christian Fellowship -Harry Peeters 705 -799- 7335
Pontypool United Church – 705-277-2204 www.bpunitedchurch.com
Woodville Community Presbyterian Church - 705-439-3900
Woodville United Church – 705-439-2475 www.woodvilleunited.com
*Yelverton -Yelverton United Church is now closed

Improve Our Church Listings

Is there a church missing? Is the contact info correct?  To change or add information, email http://scr.im/klmums or leave a comment below.
City of Kawartha Lakes website holds a great store of information, which they are trying to make more accessible, unfortunately pdf are problematic for some browsers. We hope this helps.

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  1. Here's another church, Cambray Community United Church Cambray 705-357-4747 www.cambraycommunityunitedchurch.org

    1. Thanks! Updating the list! The more people we have helping get the word out, the easier it is for visitors to find their way around.

  2. I may not live in your area but have friends that do so will pass this on. Heard about it through Kawartha Lakes Mums!!
    I am involved in Moms In Prayer, google the name and found out what this international ministry does in over 140 countries!

    1. Thanks for Connecting with us! We look forward to finding out more about Moms in Prayer!


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