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Monday, 20 October 2014

Health: Humane Society Canada Offers Seniors Pet Health Solutions! VOTE Today!

Kawartha Lakes Seniors - Does Your Pet Need Care?

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Scientific studies show us what we already know : living with our pets helps us cope and gives a wide range of social and health benefits. Humane Society of Canada is asking people to vote for Silver Paws - a free service that helps seniors adopt and keep pets. How does Silver Paws Work?
Glad you asked!

How Kawartha Lakes Seniors Could Benefit From Silver Paws

Canadian Seniors Benefit From Silver Paws - Humane Society Program
For the elderly, their pets are often their only companions in an otherwise lonely existence. If you have ever felt the nudge of a cold nose, listened to a contented purr, or felt the warm beat of their hearts, you know exactly what we're talking about. In these tough economic times, many seniors have great difficulty in coming up with the badly needed funds to provide routine, emergency and critical care for their beloved animal companions. Many elderly lacking funds, end up allowing their pets to suffer or have to make the gut wrenching decision to put them to sleep, a terrible tragedy that we can all help prevent. 
Humane Society Canada's special nationwide Silver Paws Program helps bring hope to seniors and their cherished animal family members.
If Humane Society Canada wins the Aviva Community Challenge they can provide a safe and reliable lifeline and relieve the pain and suffering of those animals in need and give peace of mind to the seniors who depend upon them most. A generous benefactor has promised to match dollar for dollar the amount they receive should the animals and the elderly win the Aviva Community Challenge!  Based upon these figures The Humane Society of Canada could help more than one thousand animals and their families. Help us bring hope to animals and those who care about them.
Will you vote for Humane Society Silver Paws Program??
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