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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Kawartha Lakes Coffee Roaster Offers Online World Coffees!

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Seeking True Coffee? Go Off Grid!

Disclosure: Kawartha Lakes Mums is pleased to be able to offer our readers a very special prize and offer. but that has not influenced my opinion. All opinions expressed in this article are purely my own.
Want fresh Kawartha Lakes roasted specialty coffee? Want sustainable ethically sourced coffee? Want true to origin coffee?
Kawartha Lakes Coffee Micro-Roaster , Off The Grid  offered a great prize to our readers around the World - a bag of ethically sourced coffee shipped to your door, plus a very special deal to our Kawartha Lakes Insiders.
While the giveaway is over, Kawartha Lakes Insiders can still take advantage of this fantastic deal!
What kind of a deal? How about- 15% off a Coffees of the World Subscription.!
Off the Grid Kawartha Lakes Coffee Giveaway Wind roasted coffee delivered to your door enough for 7 to 11 cups of coffee Open world wide ends Aug 8 2014
Kawartha Lakes Coffee Giveaway Open World Wide

Meet Kawartha Lakes Coffee Micro Roaster Kyle Gooch

Kawartha Lakes Coffee Roaster Kyle Gooch Carefully researching a Superior Coffee
Kyle Gooch Kawartha Lakes Coffee Roaster
Kawartha Lakes Coffee Roaster Kyle Gooch, of Lindsay, wanted an excellent cup of ethically sourced coffee, so he went Off Grid, founding Off The Grid Micro Roaster here in Kawartha Lakes.
Coffee roaster, wholesaler and retailer, Kyle Gooch, to the delight of coffee lovers everywhere, is putting research into action, through Off The Grid Micro-Roaster, to improve coffee distribution for both coffee producers, and coffee connoisseurs.

Kawartha Lakes Coffee Roaster  Challenges You : Taste The Difference!

Did you know true coffee is extremely rare?
Find Out More at Off The Grid Facebook
Yes, blended coffees create anonymity about who, where, and when the coffees were produced. Off-The Grid Micro-Roaster pays homage to the dedication of each coffee producer by highlighting achievements of each producer they source by pledging the producers’ identity and passion is traceable. Off-The Grid Micro Roaster offers coffees in the manner they were designed by the coffee producers themselves.
Did you know coffee, like wine has distinct aromas, flavours, acidity and body dependent on production conditions?
For example, Off the Grid Cafe Solar harvested by the only female-managed coffee co-op in Honduras, is an exceptionally smooth coffee with a lingering mouthfeel and aromas of Green Apple, floral, and cantaloupe. The beans are shipped to Kyle, here in Kawartha Lakes and handcrafted into a delicious medium roast meant to bring out the flavours as they are intended. 

Where Can You Taste Off The Grid Coffees?

Want to enjoy a cup of true coffee? You can have Off The Grid International Coffees shipped directly to you each week, for as little as per cup with a Kawartha Mums Insider Group Deal.
Want to try before you buy? Kyle is introducing Off The Grid Micro-Roast coffees in three main locations :
  • Thursday: Food @ The Farm by South Pond Farms (near Bethany) 15:00 - 21:00 
  • Friday: Fenelon Falls Farmers Market 14:00 - 19:00 
  • Saturday: Port Perry Farmers Market 8:00 - 13:00

 Kawartha Lakes Coffee Roaster - Research Ignites Passion

Kyle, through Off The Grid Micro-Roaster, passionately seeks ways to increase market access for coffee producers around the world. What ignited Kyle's coffee passion? In Kyle's Master of Science in Agricultural Development Economics thesis at University of Reading, he conducted coffee industry field research in Costa Rica, Canada, and the United Kingdom. His question? How viable is the direct trade model in the coffee industry?
In Costa Rica, over thirty producers and cooperatives in the regions of Palmares, Naranjo and TarrazĂș shared their experiences with Kyle giving him insights into their market barriers and opportunities. What did he find? Kyle unearthed what enabled and limited economic and social prosperity for coffee producers. Seeking possible solutions, Kyle examined whether farm-strategies for producing high quality coffee were a viable option. The results? Hearing hardships reported by most coffee producers in his travels, Kyle started his own roasting company - Off The Grid Micro-Roaster.

Kawartha Lakes Coffee Roaster -Aid Through Trade

 Kyle, a strong advocate for aid through trade, insists all coffees imported by Off the Grid Micro-Roaster be sourced on the conditions that producers will benefit economically, ecologically, and socially.
"The sustainability of the producer, is key to our success," emphasizes Kyle adding," To ensure we have access to specialty coffee from one season to the next, we must ensure the long-term success of our coffee producers."
Kyle, through Off The Grid Micro-Roaster, looks forward to forging long-term relationships with coffee producers around the world - coffee producers as fanatic about the quality of coffee as he is.

Kawartha Lakes Coffee Roaster Ships World Wide

Off The Grid, Kawartha Lakes Coffee Micro-Roaster, ships internationally, so wherever your family and friends live, they can enjoy the unique handcrafted in Kawartha Lakes treat of our very own ethically sourced coffee! Plus Members of Kawartha Lakes Mums can enjoy 15% off a two or three month subscription of Coffees of the World shipped weekly to their door!
Kawartha Lakes Coffee Deal - Save 15%

Off the Grid Coffee Micro-Roaster Offers World Wide Coffee Giveaway Prize!

Would you like to win free coffee from Off The Grid Micro-Roaster? Anywhere it is permitted by law to enter this giveaway, you can enter to win a free bag of coffee shipped to your home from Off The Grid Micro-Roaster!
Just Fill Out the Rafflecopter Form!
Giveaway ends August 8, 2014 midnight EST.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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  1. Which Off the Grid Micro-Roaster Coffee do you want to try?

    1. I would love to try any of the coffees because I have never had any of them!

  2. I would like to win the SOPASDI Cooperative, FT, Organic - DR Congo because I don't think I have ever consumed something produced from the Congo before.

  3. Yes the SOPASDI Cooperative, FT, Organic DR Congo is a perfect summer afternoon coffee : Tangy Lime that lingers into a full mouthfeel of caramel. MMMM

  4. I would like to win the SOPASDI Cooperative, FT, Organic - DR Congo because I I have never consumed a product from Congo before.

  5. Yes Robyn, I didn't know anything about Lake Kivu DR Congo until your comment sparked my curiosity.

    I read in Forbes, until co-operatives like Sopacdi, coffee farmers in this war torn area had to bribe police, and smuggle crops across Lake Kivu into Rwanda. Waves swamped farmers' boats and thousands died just trying to get to market.

    Now thanks to coffee roasters like Off The Grid, and coffee drinkers like yourself wisely choosing Sopacdi coffee, farmers are striving to rebuild their family's lives

    Cecile Batumike, a Sopacdi.cooperative association member shares:
    "With the income from the sale of our coffee, we are now able to send our children to school, we are able to feed our families and we are proud to know that our coffee is being sold in the international market,”

    Sure makes that morning cup of coffee a different experience!

  6. sustainable free trade coffee is wonderful and I look forward to tasting this coffee in the near future

  7. Thanks for entering Grandma Snyder!
    I didn't know anything at all about sustainable trade coffee until following Off the Grid Micro- Roaster's Facebook page. Kyle posts some really interesting information.
    For example, I was surprised to read the most important question to ask is is the coffee shade grown?

  8. If I could win a free coffee, that would be great! Doesn't matter what kind it is. I trust this coffee would have your taste buds wanting more!

  9. OMG, they look so splendid. Luv to try them all. Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity.

  10. I'd love to try Hajja! I have never heard of it before. Thanks for a great contest!

  11. They all sound delicious. I would love to try the Hajja - Yemen first. It sounds like an exotic/fruity mix that I would like to try.

  12. I'd like the SOPACDI Cooperative, FT, Organic - DR Congo coffee because it is a light coffee.

  13. I'd like to win and try the Cafe Solar - Honduras

  14. We would like to try any of your Off The Grid coffees - Why? Because we live off the grid for real in the wilderness of Northern Ontario and what could be more fitting than sipping Off The Grid coffee while we watch the sunrise and the bears from the comfort of our cabin?

    Your company stands for everything we live as.

  15. Definitely love South American coffee so I gotta say the La Perla or Cafe Solar!

  16. I am very much interested in trying out all of your coffees. Do you have decaf coffee as well? Looking forward to getting my taste buds taste these wonderful coffee brands!

    1. Off the Grid microroaster offers Coopelamares Costa Rica Decaf. If you win, would you choose the decaf coffee as your prize?

  17. I like decaf, so this would be the one for me: Coopepalmares Decaf - Costa-Rica

  18. Coopepalmares Decaf - Costa-Rica because I love decaf.

  19. I would like to try the La Perla coffee from Costa Rica.

  20. Replies
    1. Yes, these are new coffees to most people, because they are true to source. Out of the different coffees described on the Off the Grid microroaster website, which one will you choose as your prize if you win?

  21. Any Fair Trade coffee is so much better than store-bought

  22. I'd like to win the bag of decaf coopepalmares from Costa Rica it sounds really good .. And great for nights when I know I have to sleep for school but still want that great coffee taste infused in it.
    Melanie Borhi

  23. I would love to try the http://www.offthegridcoffee.ca/coffee/laperladelcafe But I am sure they would all be delicious :)

  24. La Perla Del Cafe sounds really interesting :)

  25. Bailey Dexter I would love to try the Hajja - Yemen. What a very complex coffee.


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