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Monday, 30 June 2014

Which Frozen Character Are You? [Sponsored]

Are Your Kawartha Lakes Kids Frozen Crazy?

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own, although I was compensated by Zazzle for writing this piece,. If you make a purchase through my affiliate link, I will also get a commission, which will help put groceries on our table.Shop Disney's Frozen Personalized Gifts
Which Frozen movie character is closest to your traits? Anna? Elise? Olaf? Sven? Kristoff? Marshmallow? Have you ever taken a character quiz? We were surprised by my results. Unless your name is a simple Joe or Mary though, it has been impossible to get any Frozen themed goodies with your name on them - that is until now.
Also on Kawartha Lakes Mums:
Did you  know Zazzle has almost 1, 000  different Frozen - themed items you can personalize with writing AND images? My teen will be thrilled! 
My Teen is Thrilled to Have Her Picture on Her Binder

Update: My teen is thrilled! "Having your picture on a binder is much better than just your name, because other people can have the same name, but they won't have the same picture! Love Zazzle!"
Imagine how your favourite Frozen fan's eyes will light up, when you produce a Frozen -themed hoodie, mug, or notebook featuring their photo and name alongside their favourite character! Will your children be doing a happy dance?
Zazzle has something for Frozen fans of all ages including:
  • Clothing - hoodies, sweatshirts and t's
  • Stationary - Post cards, Party Invitations, Posters, 
  • Home: Lunch boxes, Travel Mugs, Binders, Magnets, Mugs, Stickers,  
  • Office Supplies - iPad and iphone cases
  • Games: Playing Cards, Dart Boards - I guess these are for people who do not like Frozen.
These are just the tip of the iceberg!

Frozen Personalizing Fun

Personalizing Frozen gifts on Zazzle is fun and easy.
Want to add an image of your own to an item?
You can upload it from your computer, or even transfer it from your Google Drive,  or Instagram! There are a wide variety of fonts too, and clothing colours can also be customized.
Here are a few quick ideas I threw together in a couple of minutes:
I changed the word "Summer" to Elizabeth, and added a Photo

The Elsa and Anna Items -Perfect for Sisters or BFFs

What will you dream up for your Frozen customizations?
Shop Disney's Frozen Finds

Which character am I most like? Drop me a comment, and I'll share my secret identity with you.

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  1. I love Frozen especially Olaf. Sven is adorable too!
    I am guessing you are most like Anna?

  2. Sounds like you are warm and funny like Olaf.

  3. Hi Veronica !
    Thanks for dropping by!
    I love your blog OF MICE and raMEN -especially the little mouse that scurries into its hole at the top of the page, and your cookies are absolutely amazing!

    I was secretly hoping I'd be Anna, but no.
    Have you ever taken a quiz and hoped for a certain result?
    I kind of chuckled at the description on Zimio:

    You're strong -physically and mentally.
    You don't take guff from anyone,
    especially when they mislabel you, but you always treat those in your inner circle like family.
    When you're around, things are decidedly less scary.
    You're always offering up a good deal.

    That last part really gets me - LOL I've been a frugal blogger for years.
    Care to venture another guess?
    My teen didn't even remember this character from the movie at first, so it's a bit tricky!

  4. You're getting closer....

    It starts with an "O", but it has 1 letter more than Olaf !

  5. I like Zazzle. I made a few cool shirts for my husband and I through them. I haven't seen Frozen so I am not sure which character I'd be.

  6. Hi Maggie,
    Zazzle is amazing. What my teen likes best is being able to have her picture on her school supplies - that way there are no mixups, people can see at a glance whose binder is whose.

  7. I loved Frozen, it is now one of my favorite animated movie. My kids love it too!


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