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Monday, 30 June 2014

10 Cool Keeping Cool Ideas - Was Your Kawartha Lakes Beach Closed?

Six Kawartha Lakes Beaches Were Posted - How Are You Keeping Cool?

City of Kawartha Lakes: - June 30 2014 Six beaches are posted, temporarily unsafe for swimming. So how are you keeping your family cool?
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Here are 10 ideas that you can use to help keep things cool around your home.

Which Kawartha Lakes Beaches Are Posted?

June 26,2014 the following six beaches are POSTED temporarily off limits for swimming.

  1. Blanchard's Road Beach (in former Bexley Township), 
  2. Carden Township Beach, 
  3. Centennial Park West (in former Eldon Township), 
  4. Omemee Beach, 
  5. Birch Point,Fenelon Falls 
  6. Bond Street Beach Fenelon Falls 
Remaining Kawartha Lakes beaches are all OPEN:

  1. Coboconk Lions Park Beach
  2. Bobcaygeon Beach Park 
  3. Riverview Beach Park 
  4.  Foxe's Beach 
  5. Dalton Township Beach 
  6. Killarney Bay 
  7. Sturgeon Point Beach 
  8. Elliott Falls Beach 
  9. Head Lake 
  10. Norland Bathing Area 
  11. Mariposa Township Sandbar Beach 
  12. Burnt River Beach - Somerville 
  13. Burnt River Four Mile Lake 
  14. Verulam Township Centennial Beach 
  15. Verulam Recreational Park 
Was your beach posted?  If so, here are a few ideas to help keep things cool.

10 Cool Keeping Cool Ideas

It is important to avoid heat stroke by staying cool and hydrated. Here are some ways you can help keep things cool around your home. 
Kawartha Lakes Mums Water Fun Ideas Collection from Pinterest
Kawartha Lakes Mums Water Fun Collection

  1. Build a temporary backyard pool with hay bales or head to the closest recreation centre. City of Kawartha Lakes has two recreation centres one in Lindsay and the other in Bobcaygeon.
  2. Build your own water park in your back yard using pool noodles, or head to the free water play area in Lindsay on Angeline Street North.
  3. Head for air conditioned comfort, or build your own air conditioning system.  City of Kawartha Lakes Library branches have air conditioning, and fun free kids programming. Lindsay Century Cinema offers $1 family movies at 10 am each day. 
  4. Play backyard water games with buckets and cups.
  5. Make bath time more fun! Add one non-toxic corner store ingredient for glow in the dark bath water.
  6. Use a 10 am to 10 pm windows and doors policy. Keeping blinds, windows and doors shut as much as possible during these hours really cuts heat.
  7. Avoid cooking indoors, and unplug as many electrical appliances as possible.Try solar cooling!
  8. Reduce humidity. Make a homemade dehumidifier. Hang clothes,towels and bathing suits outside to dry.
  9. Make an Australian Cooling scarf to wrap around your neck.
  10. Put pillowcases, bedding, or night clothes in the freezer for a cool start  to the evening.
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