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Monday, 19 May 2014

Rehab Your Septic System - Loans Available! Plus Red Green Sewage Footage and Septic Links

Kawartha Lakes Septic Rehabilitation Loan Program

Kawartha Lakes Mums Did you know City of Kawartha Lakes has a loan program for property owners in the City to undertake repairs to their septic system, or if necessary replace it?
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This program promises to save rural home owners a bundle. What comes to mind when you think sewage? For us it is that famous Red Green character Winston Rothschild of Rothschild Sewage Sucking Services. Do you remember this clip?

About Kawartha Lakes Septic Rehab Loan Program

All kidding aside, septic systems are a serious matter for rural home owners.  Here are some details of the Septic System Rehab Loan Program:
The septic system rehab loan program has a repayment schedule ranging from 5-20 years depending upon the amount of the loan. Council has allocated $150,000 to the program and loans will be issued on a first come first serve basis upon receipt of an application meeting all the necessary criteria of the program.
The maximum amount of the loan is 25% of the current value assessment of the property to a maximum of $35,000 including taxes. If the property is owned by more than one person, all owners must sign the agreement with the City with the loan being a lien against the property. Where there are other financial obligations attached to the property, applicants must comply with their obligations to other lenders as this loan takes priority over other registered interests appearing on title. These loans are meant to be at a lower rate than most property owners would be able to obtain independently.
“This program provides a unique opportunity for rural residents to upgrade their septic systems and obtain financing that will be paid on their taxes at a lower interest rate than what most people would be able to achieve through conventional lending institutions."says Mayor Ric McGee adding," A great time for homeowners to address concerns with their private systems to improve the environment and ultimately local water quality.”
Applications are available on the City’s website, and through the Municipal Service Centres.

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  1. Does your septic systen need a rehab? There's funding for that!


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