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Monday, 19 May 2014

#Freebie -2,000 Shoppers Drugmart Points With Promo Code - Real or Hoax?

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Seeking Bonus Shoppers Optimum Points?

There are many different ways to get Bonus Shoppers Optimum points., and yes, some people can get 2000 free Shoppers Drugmart Optimum points by entering a promo code. How does it work?
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Here's what we found out.:

Many different Savings sites are posting the following note:
Update your Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum profile with code 2424 and get 2000 free bonus points! If you're not a member, sign up today and get 2000 Free Optimum Points to get your started! Just use promo code 2828
Will this Shoppers Optimum offer work for you or will you be wasting your time? When speaking with the Shoppers Optimum Customer service, we discovered that some people who have an RBC Bank account attached to their Shoppers Optimum Card received this special offer in their mail or email.

Registering Your Shoppers Optimum Card - Advantages

Have you registered your email with Shoppers Optimum? If so, you will have received special offers tailored to your account this week with printable coupons too. For example, this week we received an invitation to a spend your points event on Wednesday May 21 where you can get up to 30,000 points back when you spend your points, a coupon for 800 bonus points when we buy milk,  a $2 off coupon for any yoghurt, and more. What special offers did Shoppers Drugmart send to your email this week? Not getting Shoppers Drugmart email bonus offers?
Login and update your profile - and hey- why not try using the promo code - let us know if it works for you!
Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points Wed May 21,2014

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  1. What are your favourite ways to stretch dollars using Shoppers Drugmart Optimum Points?


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