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Friday, 10 February 2012

Kawartha Lakes March Break Camps!

What is Your Opinion of Kawartha Lakes March Break Camps?

Updated: March 6 2014 Lots of exciting innovations have been happening for Boys and Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes since 2012. See the 2014 Boys and Girls Club March Break Camp information at http://adf.ly/4009826/bgkl-2014-march-break
Here is our post from 2012:

Do you dread March Break? Working parents need to scramble for care when March Break rolls around each year. One solution is the March Break Camps offered by various organizations. One long-time favourite of many in Lindsay is the Boys and Girls Club of City of Kawartha Lakes Day Camp. What other options are available in your part of the 'City'.

Boys and Girls Club of City of Kawartha Lakes a Misnomer?

Boys and Girls Club of City of Kawartha Lakes just posted their March Break Day Camp Schedule. When the price of gas was lower, this camp was a must for March Break, but transportation is an issue for many in City of Kawartha Lakes, whether for cost, time or lack of a vehicle. Ideally, our school buses could be rerouted to allow more children to take part in this camp over the March Break, or Satellite programs could be offered at schools during March Break. Perhaps one day their funding will stretch to allow for this, but currently children who are fortunate enough to live within Lindsay are the main recipients of services. If your family is fortunate enough to be able to access this program in Lindsay, be sure to check out the details at:
Boys and Girls Club of City of Kawartha Lakes: March Break Day Camp Schedule

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Robert Cyr, I am the Community & Volunteer Services Team Coordinator for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes. I am glad to hear that when you think of March Break you think of us. I understand that transportation is a challenge in our community and we asg a club recognize this and have been working hard for tbe past few years to bring more services to the rural communities.

    In thepast few years we have started 2 afterschool programs(Kirkfield & Woodville), offered summer camps in Fenelon Falls and Kirkfield,as well as offering PA days in several communities. We are offering March Break programs in Kirkfield this year and would love to spread this service to new communities if there is enough interest. We will also be announcing a large scale program opportunities to 8 rural communities starting this spring. We will be announcing this very soon in the papers TV and through the club. We are very interested in hearing from the community and I would welcome your thoughts rcyr@bgckl.com

    Hope you all have a wonderful family day

    1. This is great news to hear of expansion of the great programs offered by the Boys and Girls Club!


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