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Monday, 7 July 2014

5 Keys to Increasing Facebook Organic Reach -Kawartha Lakes Mums April Facebook Stats!

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Welcomes New And Returning Readers!

Our Kawartha Lakes Mums Facebook social media reach grew exponentially with exciting new friends sharing important updates about tourism, parenting, local shopping and more!
In addition, longtime early supporters of Kawartha Lakes Mums popped in for visits, and shared in the discussion on our Social Media platforms too. Did you know Kawartha Lakes Mums received an award for being in the top 20% of Social Media of accounts registered on Twtrland?
Twtrland Awards Kawartha Lakes Mums Top 20% Social Media Award!
Kawartha Lakes Mums Wins Top 20% Social Media Award!

5 Keys to Increasing Social Organic Reach

Our reach is organic - unpaid reach results. How can you increase reach without paying for Facebook ads? Here are 5 keys we feel increased Kawartha Lakes Mums reach in April. How did your reach grow?  
1. Fantastic Fans. Kawartha Lakes Mums readers are the number one key to our increased organic Facebook reach.
Did you know we try to pin a discussion question each day on our Facebook page? The discussion questions welcome Fans to share their links when they take part in the discussion of the day, and when our Facebook friends participate in discussion questions, Facebook rewards everyone taking part by sharing that post by showing the discussion to more people.
We made greater use of our Top Fans App from BooYah! To recognize our top likers, commencers, movers, posters and fans.
We are looking for even more ways to make our Facebook page more enjoyable for Fans.  To help our Fab fans find more relevant content on Facebook we added new albums to our Facebook page in April - Including a Coupon Exchange, and City of Kawartha Lakes Businesses, and Businesses Serving City of Kawartha Lakes. 
Facebook Viewers Mostly - Ontario Women
[Click to Enlarge]
In April, 80% of our Facebook readers were women - waaayy over the norm for Facebook -which has slightly more male viewers.  Our readers were mostly from the local area, but we also had visitors from across the pond in England.
Here are the top 12 Kawartha Lakes Mums Facebook Viewer Areas for April 2014:

  1. Lindsay, ON, Canada 432
  2. Peterborough, ON, Canada 225
  3. Toronto, ON, Canada 224
  4. Bobcaygeon, ON, Canada 122
  5. Fenelon Falls, ON, Canada 45
  6. Oshawa, ON, Canada 45
  7. Millbrook, ON, Canada 35
  8. Omemee, ON, Canada 33
  9. Bowmanville, ON, Canada 29
  10. Ottawa, ON, Canada 27
  11. Port Hope, ON, Canada 23
  12. Calgary AL, Canada 22

Who Were Our Top April Fans Helping Increase Our Reach?

Thanks to our fans who liked,commented, shared, and posted to our  page. Our fans who helped our Facebook posts reach more people on Facebook identified themselves as being from the following cities:
  1. Lindsay, ON, Canada 29
  2. Peterborough, ON, Canada 9
  3. Toronto, ON, Canada 8
  4. Bobcaygeon, ON, Canada 4
  5. Fenelon Falls, ON, Canada 3
  6. Millbrook, ON, Canada 2 
  7. Omemee, ON, Canada 2
  8. Cannington, ON, Canada 2
  9. Dunsford, ON, Canada 2 and one from each of the following 'cities':

Unknown, Chelmsford, ON, Canada, Peterborough, England, United Kingdom, Haliburton, ON, Canada, Mississauga, ON, Canada, Bagsværd, Copenhagen, Denma, Orillia, ON, Canada, Snellville, GA, Cobourg, ON, Canada, Truro, NS, Canada, Port Hope, ON, Canada, Elkhart, IN, Buckhorn, ON, Canada, Markham, ON, Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada', Bowmanville, ON, Canada, Tacoma, WA, Port Perry, ON, Canada, and Kinmount, ON, Canada

Top April Kawartha Lakes Mums Fans

Image showing top 10 Kawartha Lakes Mums Fans
Top Kawartha Lakes Mums Fans April 
Booshaka measured our top 10 individuals and pages supporting Kawartha Lakes Mums Facebook Page as:
  1. Debby Mahoney
  2. Dustin James
  3. Carolyn Lewis
  4. Omemee Pigeon eFlyer [Page]
  5. Sally Nisbett
  6. David Sharman
  7. Carolyn Lewis Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot [Page]
  8. Kawartha Chiropodists
  9. Adam Parsons Partnership - Toronto [Page]
  10. Mariska Tomlinson
Thank you all so very much for your support!

2. Offering Pinned Conversations - Did you know when you participate in a conversation more people will find out about your business? The more comments on a post, the more of our fans, Facebook will show the page too. Friends are welcome to strike up a conversation on any post, but pinning a conversation starter to our FB each day, makes it easier to find for all our friends.
3. Paying attention to the reach of other pages before we share. This is a tip we picked up on Business Blogger. Did you know that if you share a post from a page that has more than 10% of its fans talking about it, some of that reach juice rubs off on your page?
4. Paying attention to when our readers are most likely to be online. When are most of your readers online? Ours are online mostly from 8:30am am to 10pm, There are a few discrepancies from day to day - Mondays for example people tend to be more online around mid- morning, and Saturdays, more are on late at night.
Here is our reader pattern what's yours like?
Facebook Graph for Kawartha Lakes Mums Fans online
Kawartha Lakes Mums Fans Online 8:30 am to 10 pm
By paying closer attention to when our audience is online we were able to avoid Facebook sending posts out, getting no response, then not showing it to more readers. Did you know you can schedule posts right from Facebook? You can also schedule sharing items from other pages too. Just copy the link to the post, write a bit about it, paste the link to the item you want to share, then select "schedule." Voila! You did it!
5. Observing the types of posts more readers are interested in. Most of the posts we shared that had pictures got the greatest reach, so we started adding more posts with pictures. Which types of posts do your readers engage with the most?

If you are looking for Social Media Management of your Facebook page. Drop us a line at http://scr.im/klmums We do barter!

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