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Friday, 24 January 2014

Forbes Top Social Media Diva Praises Kawartha Lakes Mums!

Kawartha Lakes Mums - What Was Your Highlight This Week?

Kawartha Lakes Mums received high praise this week from new follower Pam Dyer. First we were very honoured to find Pam Dyer following us on Twitter. Pam Dyer of Washington is a Forbes Top Social Media Power Influencer! So to discover Pam following our Tweets was indeed an honour! What really put the frosting on this delightful treat was Pam tweeting to us and all her followers - almost 70,000 her reply:

This created a break out of  "The Happy Dance' in our living room!  This was a most welcome lift!
You can connect with Pam on Twitter, @PamDyer and read her Social Media blog at http://www.Pamorama.net

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1 comment:

  1. Has anyone ever given you encouragement that made you do a happy dance around your living room or at least made your say WOW oh WOW ?
    Please share!


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