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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Online Marketing Tips - Connect with Bloggers!

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Are you busy with business? No time to figure out all this social media stuff? Prefer word of mouth advertising for your products and services? Many businesses are in the same boat.How do they keep afloat in the sea of rapidly changing marketing? Delegating! Gradually more businesses are turning to blogging services like B2Bblogging.
Searching for Bloggers like me?Blogging services such as B2B Blogger, can simplify the search for a Blogger that will be an ideal fit for your business. Whether you are looking for a one time post with a link to your site, a Blogger to run a Giveaway, or an ongoing Brand Ambassador, blogging services, like employment agencies, can streamline and simplify the search for you.
With B2B Blogger, you can connect to bloggers in Canada, or around the world. The Blogging service has a list of statistics that each Blogger completes, so when a Blogger applies for your job, you can have an idea of the number of readers who may see the information in your post.

Blogger Effectiveness -  Statistics Plus!

Statistics generally used to determine Blogger effectiveness generally include:
While numbers are important, it is also important to find a good fit. How do others perceive the effectiveness of the blog? 
Who usually reads articles on the blog? Families? Writers? Dog Lovers? Job hunters? What are some of the most popular posts?
What country do readers come from? Are you wanting local readers or international readers? 
Is their blog Smartphone friendly?
Before making your final decision, be sure to visit the blog, and the blogger's social media channels to see if that blogger is a good fit for your product or service.

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