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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Welcome World Weblinks Wednesday! Link Up on LinkedIn!

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Are You on LinkedIn?

Last year Kawartha Lakes Mums started Welcoming World Wednesday, encouraging all our readers from wherever they were in the world to check in and link up with us wherever they may be.  Have you LinkedUp with us on LinkedIn yet?

Orkut Scraps - Wednesday
Orkut Scraps-Welcoming Wednesday 
Kawartha Lakes Mums Networking group on LinkedIn has a LinkedIn Sub group - too Kawartha Lakes Biz Buzz. Why join groups? Belonging to a LinkedIn group can help you connect with people who are not in your direct links. Also when sharing a link as a status on LinkedIn, you can also post to groups and Twitter. This can save you valuable time.

Not on LinkedIn yet?  

LinkedIn can pull you up by name in Search results better than many other platforms. It is one of the top business to business sites, and highly recommended for both job hunters, head hunters, and all businesses. 
Wondering what to put in your profile? Here are a few tips:

  1. Create a personal profile for yourself.-There is a place on LinkedIn to list your business as eel  use your real name so your contacts can find you If you have an email address that corresponds with your url, register using your best email address.
  2. Profile Photo. Choose an appropriate recent photo. People don’t want to do business with your children (as adorable as they are), your pet, nor your spouse. To upload a photo, click “Settings”, then “Profile photo”.
  3. Personalised URL. Personalized URLs increase your chance of being found, gaining connections, and receiving opportunities. If your name or focus has changed, you can also modify your current URL.
  4. Make a keyword rich headline. Search engines results match keywords in your LinkedIn headline, as well as your summary. When creating a headline,think of core keywords people might associate with your profile; think about who your target audience is, and what they would be seeking.
  5. Email Settings. Get timely updates on invitations, and opportunities sent to your email from LinkedIn.First designate a primary email .Click: “Settings”, “Personal information “, then “Email addresses”. Once you designate your email address, return to “Settings”, “Email notifications”, then “Contact settings” where you can opt in to receive notifications.
  6. Profile and Status Updates.Keep your connections “in the loop”. In “Settings”, choose to allow significant profile and status updates to be sent to your connections, Update your status frequently by sharing new articles, events, and happenings related to your company or your skills.

Make it easy for people to find you. Link up on LinkedIn Today!
See more LinkedIn Tips at Minute To Market: Linkup on LinkedIn

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