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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Seeking Kawartha Lakes Dog Groomers? Check These 12 Out!

Kawartha Lakes Mums - How Dirty is Your Dog?

Kawartha Lakes dogs boy do they get dirty in the spring time! Spring is sprung! Puddles, and dirt , and shedding Oh my! What a combination! Do you need a dog groomer?
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City of Kawartha Lakes dog groomers are busy! Busy! BUSY!

Will this dog need a groomer? Portugese water dog swimming in muddy water
Does Your Dog Love Swimming?
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 We discovered just how busy City of Kawartha lakes dog groomers are when we received a request to see if we could find a groomer on short notice for 6 puppies  - not possible. Kawartha Lakes Dog groomers were fully booked with up to a 2 week wait for an appointment! So although 12 dog groomers, may seem a good number of dog groomers for City of Kawartha Lakes; this is one business that seems to have room for a few more providers!
Here are the dog groomers we found. If you know of any other dog groomers in City of Kawartha Lakes, please drop us a note in the comments below or email us at http://scr.im/klmums .

12 Kawartha Lakes Dog Groomers

The 12 Kawartha Lakes Dog Groomers listed below are in no particular order. To see these dog groomers on an interactive  map and get directions see Kawartha Lakes Mums Pet Care Map on Google Maps. Each link below opens with a word from a sponsor. Then click "Skip Ad" in the top right corner to continue to the webpage. Thanks to the sponsors who support Kawartha Lakes Mums. 

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  1. Do you know any other dog groomers in City of Kawartha Lakes?


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