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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Kawartha Lakes Mums: Beware Email Tax Fraud!

Lindsay Resident Defrauded Through Email 

Kawartha Lakes Mums Did you get a fraudulent email from the Canada Revenue Agency?
While many people are now on the alert for Nigerian type email scams, a new type of email fraud is on the loose. The new email scam has people believing they are being sent email from the CRA.  The most vulnerable sector is senior citizens.
ALERT: Email Scam! CRA Tax Impostor Stole Kawartha Lakes money
Beware CRA Impostor Stealing Money!
Lindsay Police are assisting a Lindsay resident recover $5400 defrauded from her bank account. In June of 2014 the victim received an email from someone claiming to be a Canada Revenue employee. The victim was advised that she was eligible for a tax refund and directed to a link requesting personal information including her bank account and visa information. On July 3rd money was removed electronically from her account.
Please be sure to share this information, to prevent further scams. The Canada Revenue Agency has your personal information already. If you suspect something out of the ordinary look up the CRA number, and call them yourself.
What types of email frauds have you heard about??
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