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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

#CBCDragonDen Endorsed Program Hits Kawartha Lakes! - EnRICHed Academy!

FREE Financial Literacy Program Aims to Improve Kawartha Lakes Economy!

Kawartha Lakes Families this Enriched Academy event is specially designed to educate young adults and their friends on the fundamentals that build wealth in a very entertaining, funny and interactive way. Will you be there?

Seen recently on Dragons’ Den, all five Dragons’ wanted ‘IN’ on EnRICHed Academy due to power of this training and the overwhelming need for financial literacy training for teens and young adults in Canada. Jim Treliving (Boston Pizza Chair) and Bruce Croxon (Lavalife Founder) were both officially signed as EnRICHed Academy spokespeople after months of due diligence and due to their overwhelming belief in this training.

Where When and How To Register:

November 29th, 7-9 LCVI Cafeteria, Lindsay.

RSVP to sarahwatts_dominionlending@hotmail.com or send a message on facebook at www.facebook.com/DustinJamesDLC ASAP as there is limited seating.

Why Your Family Wants to Attend

Did you know?
-The average college graduate is $23,186 in debt -84% percent of graduates indicated they needed more education on financial management topics

-6 out of 10 Canadians live paycheck to paycheck -The yearly savings rate for the average Canadian has dropped from 12% of income in the early 90’s to under 2% today

-Household debt in Canada has more than doubled in the past 10 years -In the past 20 years, credit card charges have risen from $70 Billion to $2 Trillion; a nearly 3,000% increase!

-Today the average household credit card debt is more than $16,000.

-A system to educate young adults on money, credit cards and investing doesn’t exist and there is large need for it.

What Attendees Will Be Learning:

1. How money works and where most North Americans are financially
2. Dispelling money myths and misconceptions
3. Why some people, including very high earners, never get around to saving money and how to avoid that pitfall
4. How important it is to create the habit of saving money as early in life as possible
5. The power of saving 10% of what you earn or more
6. The magic behind compound interest and how it works
7. How to systemize your savings and where to put your money for maximum wealth building
8. Understanding how the stock market works and how to get started investing
9. Understanding how to purchase your first rental property
10. How credit cards, credit scores and credit card interest works
11. What happens if you only make minimum payments or neglect to pay your credit card on time
12.  6 steps to having an A+ credit score

To learn more see: http://adf.ly/enrichedacademy

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