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Friday, 12 September 2014

9 -11 ShareASale - Offers Surprising Tribute!

Kawartha Lakes Mums - 9 -11 Reflections ~

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Where were you September 11 2011? Do you remember? I remember, but it seemed like everywhere online, there were only little mentions here and there about 9-11. Then I popped into the ShareASale site. I was so inspired by what I found, that I wanted to share it with all our readers, and take some time myself to find out more about 9-11.  How did ShareASale surprise us?
Glad you asked!

What is ShareASale? 

ShareASale at shareasale.com offers businesses results driven advertising, and publishers like Kawartha Lakes Mums opportunities to get paid fro sharing their clients sales. ShareASale works with publishers  and provides unique tools for representing their clients. Businesses pay for results either referrals, sales, or clicks to their website.Today I found out ShareASale is also a company with heart. Has a company ever surprised you?

ShareASale Honours 9-11 Lives Lost By Supporting Red Cross

This is what ShareASale posted on their main page today:
9-11 Honoured By ShareASale
9-11 Honoured By ShareASale
ShareASale Banner image shows New York bathed in a golden glow with the words:
i will provide for you and i'll standby your side.
you'll need a good companion for this part of the ride.
meet me in the land of hope and dreams.
~ b.springsteen
in memory 9/11/2014 
ShareASale will be closed for the day of September 11, 2014, in memory of those lives lost, and to honour the heroes from that morning and thousands of other mornings when peace was chosen over war.
The events of September 11, 2001 touched millions of us both here in the United States of America, and abroad. For each life that was stolen, a memory and a legacy was left behind to carry - and for those who carry them, life has changed forever.
Each year, we close our offices today and we encourage others to take this day in remembrance not only of what was lost, but also in celebration of everything that we have in our lives. The families of victims from that morning would give anything to spend one morning with their loved ones, we encourage you to go out and live today to the fullest that you can. Affiliate Marketing can wait until another day.
We will never forget those who lost their lives, or those who gave their lives in the hope of saving another.
Recognizing that there may be urgent situations, although we hope that there are not, we have setup the following.
For urgent needs, Merchants are able to login to their accounts by visiting here: Merchant Login
For urgent needs, Affiliates are able to login to their account here: Affiliate Login
All tracking for transactions will be working as normal today, however, any fees that ShareASale would normally collect will be donated to the International Relief Fund, managed by the Red Cross. Donations to this fund go towards helping the Red Cross assist and aid in tragedies that occur all over the world, and you can add your donation by visiting the Red Cross here.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
ShareASale touched our hearts more than any other tribute we've seen in a long time. It was business, and busy business as usual everywhere else we visited online today. However, ShareASale not only paid tribute but encouraged others to do the same. We were glad to have had an emergency link to fix and visit the website today.
Since you may be reading this on Friday the 12th, we've included a screen shot of the ShareASale main page.When you visit, you will definitely notice a huge contrast.
Debating which affiliate company to have represent your business, or wondering which affiliate site to work with on your blog or website for advertising? We are  proud to say we work with ShareASale.  You can find out more about working with ShareASale on their website.

9 -11 Why Remember?

9-11 2014 Reflection
9-11-2014 Reflections
Where were you? 
Do you remember? 
I remember. Where was I? 
I was in Peterborough with a driving student. While the student borrowed my car for the test, I nipped next door to grab a pop. 
What I thought was a trailer for a horror movie, came on the big screen.  Since there were several children in the place, I turned to the proprietor, and asked if he realised what was on the screen. 
"That's odd," he mused, adding"There are supposed to be cartoons on that channel."
Flipping through channels, we were met with screen after screen of horror. Real horror that was happening in New York City. 
Together, we watched in shock, as thousands died before our eyes. It is a scene I have tried to erase from my memory. A scene too horrific for words. I only experienced the shock remotely with thousands of others who were bombarded with the images. My heart goes out to those who experienced it first hand, along with prayers to be released from the trauma of the nightmare.
Over 3,000 people died 9-11-01 including many rescuers and 24 Canadians. How many were injured?  Too many live with this nightmare.Years later, there are over 1,000 victims that were not yet identified. 

9-11-2014 Thirteen Years Later A World Changed

Omemee Memorial Garden Honours Two Former Omemee Students

image Cpl. Mark Robert McLaren MMV
image Pte. Michael Bruce FreemanOmemee and District Horticultural Society and Canadian Legion Branch 497 honoured two former Lady Eaton Elementary School Students for their sacrifice in service to others by making the world a better place. Behind Omemee Legion, there stands a memorial garden dedicated to these two young men who died while deployed to Afghanistan in "Operation Enduring Freedom".
The Memorial Garden was dedicated in a Service of Remembrance in honour of Cpl. Mark Robert McLaren MMV and Pte. Michael Bruce Freeman Sunday,  September 25, 2011 and is tended by volunteers. If you would like to honour the memory of their service, perhaps you could stop for a minute on your way through the village and pay your respects.
Donations to organisations that help our veterans and grieving families of those who have served and are no longer with us, would also be appreciated.
Thirteen years now, since the 9-11-01 murder of thousands of innocent people, we are living in a world rife with retribution. Is the killing over?
No. September 9th Brian K Arsenault was killed in combat in Afghanistan.  In December, Afghanistan is to takeover its own security, but meanwhile tensions are rising as the April election results still have not been announced, and Abdullah Abdullah is poised to reject the election. Afghanistan civilians who worked for the alliance are now scrambling to get out of the country fearing death from the Taliban. The wait time for American visas has been streamlined, but it can take eight months. I wonder what the wait time is for refugee status to Canada?
While the military is pulling out of Afghanistan, fighting is becoming more focused on "Operation Iraqi Freedom" where extremist group ISIS also known as ISIL is engaging in genocide against anyone not converting to their brand of Islam. Yes, they are executing Muslims as well as Turkish Christians and others. ISIS evangelising method is "convert or die". People are being shot in groups where they topple into mass graves. This is also where two Americans were recently beheaded. Obama ordered air strikes on that country on September 9, although some reports say that air strikes are being used by factions inside Iraq to promote their own agendas.
As of 9-11-14, "Operation Enduring Freedom"in Afghanistan, had claimed the lives of 3469 allied military personnel of these, Canada is third highest in in number of dead 158, after the US 2,344 and the UK450.  Over 2,000 Canadian veterans have returned home with injuries, and many are dying after returning home. 

9-11-14 Canada's Day of Service - No Mention of Afghanistan Fallen?

9-11-11 Canada's Day of Service was declared on the tenth anniversary. Prime Minister Harper declared 9-11 to be a National Day of Service for Canada to commemorate the way Canadians helped Americans by opening their homes to people stranded in Gander Newfoundland, helping in search and rescue, and going into battle with the United States in Afghanistan. September 11 is to be a day of doing good for others - holding fundraisers and charity events. I was disappointed not to see any reference to the men and women who lost their lives in Afghanistan in the Prime Minister's remarks today regarding Canada's National Day of Service. I was also disappointed not to see any reference to how the Prime Minster would be spending Canada's Day of Service volunteering to help others.
Meanwhile, Canada's Minister of Defence, at the Colorado NORAD Headquarters, did mention Canada's military and civilian losses. When US Minister of Defence lauded Canada for "leading the way in world response to the "latest manifestation of murderous extremist ideology." My heart dropped. It looks as though more lives are to be lost in the battle against ISIS. This saddens me.

9-11 Truths Sought

There are many things about the government actions, pertaining to 9-11-01, I simply do not understand. Do you have questions in your mind too? Some people have really big questions about how things went down in the USA that day. An American based group called "Architects and Engineers for 9/11Truth" and "Canadians for 9-11 Truth" are saying 9-11 was an inside job. These groups want an independent outside enquiry into the events of 9-11-01. Pin the blame on the culprit seems to be more of a piñata than a wall game.
What is the truth? It is puzzling indeed. One truth is that many more people have tragically lost their lives since 9-11 than died in the horrific murder that day, and many more have lives shattered by injuries. To date almost 8, 000 military allies have died, in Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention civilians.

My Afghanistan Connections

Years before the World Trade Centre attack, I had the privilege of getting to know several refugees from Afghanistan who were desperately trying to get their relatives to safety in Canada. This was an almost impossible task as the Afghanistan government had collapsed, and they were under the rule of the Taliban. The Canadian Government demanded papers that had been burned by the Taliban. These hard-working people, eagerly wanted to increase their understanding of Canadian culture, customs, and language. Many had their roots in Persian culture. We taught each other recipes, and attempted to teach each other language. They were much better students than I was. I was very pleased to be invited to become the Godmother of my new friends' baby after it was born, despite our differences in religion. This was a great honour for me.
When their relatives who had not been able to escape Afghanistan became "collateral damage", my heart went out to them. A sister is not "collateral damage". A sister is a sister. It angers me to hear such terms used to denigrate the value of civilian lives.

Enough of my blathering. What about you what are your thoughts on this topic?

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  1. Yesterday was the first I had heard of Canada's National Day of Service. While it was too late to arrange any fundraisers, I set aside time from working to learn more about the men and women who have served in Afghanistan, and read about the challenges that are facing veterans as they return home.
    It was a real eye opener for me, and I have changed my views of some things in the process..
    Did you know about Canada's National Day of Service?
    What would you recommend Canadians do on Canada's National Day of Service?


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