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Friday, 24 October 2014

Kawartha Lakes Salvation Army Thrift Store Sales, Coupons and Savings Wow!

Kawartha Lakes Salvation Army Adopts Savvy Retail Marketing Approach!

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Kawartha Lakes Salvation Army Thrift Stores have joined together with sister Sally Ann Shops across Canada in a professional marketing campaign, and offer online printable coupons, email marketing and discounts for donations. We salute the second hand store's new approach and new emphasis on reuse and environmentally friendly shopping. It's good to see someone doing a great job promoting this fabulous service. There is one thing we would like to see tweaked , however. What would we like to see improved?
Glad you asked!

Salvation Army Thrift Store Marketing 5 Things We Love Plus 1 Suggestion

Salvation Army Thrift Store Marketing Campaign has given a real facelift to a time honoured outreach - providing cost effective shopping for budget savvy people. Here are five of the things we love about the new marketing, and one suggestion local stores might like to consider. What suggestions might you offer?
  1. Salvation Army Stores across Canada are working together through one campaign - We love this because they are making good use of economy of scale. Brilliant! The main website welcomes visitors from across Canada, and allows people to connect with their province. Going on a trip? You could almost shop your way across the country!
  2. Salvation Army Thrift Stores new emphasis on environmentally savvy shoppers. Shopping at Salvation Army is marketed as a fun smart shopping choice. On their site you can find information on how they are environmentally committed to recycling, and reducing their foot print while helping individuals and organisations.
  3. Salvation Army Second Hand Stores new emphasis on one-of-a-kind gently used and new products including new mattresses and bed frames. The prominent quote? "As a single mom I can find designer clothes for myself and my daughter."
  4. Salvation Army Stores offer thrifty savings options to frugal shoppers. Salvation Army Thrift Stores offers store-wide clearance sales, free printable coupons,  rebates on donations, 10% Seniors savings every day, no HST,  and even  a fund raising partner opportunity for organisations.
    Kawartha Lakes Salvation Army Thrift Store Offers Printable Coupons
  5. Salvation Army Connects with smart shoppers through social media. Salvation Army Thrift Stores has Twitter, YouTube and Facebook accounts to connect with shoppers, while their accounts are very new, and could use some strategic improvements, this is not the tweak we'd like to suggest. What would we like to tweak in the campaign?

Kawartha Lakes Mums Marketing Suggestion for Salvation Army Thrift Stores

Please improve the print advertising campaign! There are two ways we would like to see the Salvation Army print advertising campaign improved.
Kawartha Lakes Fenelon Falls Salvation Army Sale 50% Off
  1. Please improve the timing of Salvation Army Thrift Store sales advertising! We've received single sheet flyers about the great sales buried in our huge sheaf of adverting flyers in our Thursday paper, and up until today, we've missed seeing the flyer until the sale was over! Perhaps if the advertised sales were on Friday and Saturday, this would bring more shoppers.
  2. Print flyers need to connect with a print audience. Many people getting the print ad will  not have access to a computer at home. Stating "See store or online for details." is a sure way to gain complaints in our area. City of Kawartha Lakes has two Salvation Army Stores, however only one store is currently participating in this new advertising campaign. People who do not have a computer will be flocking to their nearest Salvation Army outlet today, expecting to get 50% off store wide, but the sale is only at the Fenelon Falls Salvation Army Store. There will be some VERY grumpy people in our rural area. Can you imagine living a smidge closer to Lindsay, so you waste your time, gas and money driving to Lindsay rather than Fenelon Falls, only to find out Lindsay is not having the sale? "We are not amused,' springs to mind. This could be solved by either indicating local store addresses on the flyers or posting a phone number on the ad for people to call and get a recorded message.

Salvation Army Thrift Store Doing Great Job Doing Good!

Overall, Salvation Army Thrift Stores have really stepped up their game and is emerging as a contender in the second- hand store business. Will online shopping or mobile coupons come next? Perhaps! Check out the Salvation Army Thrift Store Website, sign up for emails, and keep your eyes open for more new advancements!
There are two Salvation Army Thrift Stores in City of Kawartha Lakes : 
  • Fenelon Falls Salvation Army Thrift Store - 91 Murray Street Fenelon Falls 705 - 887-1490
  • Lindsay Salvation Army Thrift Store - 30 Peel Street Lindsay - 705-324-7771
What improvements would you suggest for the Salvation Army Thrift Store marketing?
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