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Friday, 17 October 2014

#Teachers! 9 Reasons This School Fund Raiser Rates A+ ! [Ad]

School Budget Stretcher - Fundraising!

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Back to School Budget stretched? Short on Classroom Supplies Cash? Short on Time?
Enter Mabels Labels Online Fundraising! Why do teachers need to fundraise?
Glad you asked!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Reveals Teaching Budget Insider Secret

Few teachers will tell you this, but there are expectations for classroom supplies, decor, and even teaching materials, that simply are not covered by a classroom budget. Imagine your boss saying "You need to buy these books, and decorate your cubical, Here are the requirements. Budget? We don't cover these things.Oh and we expect you to take your co-workers on outings at least 4 times a year."Add a huge University loan on top of this and you will quickly understand why teachers need to fundraise.

How Can Busy Teachers Fundraise?

In the United States, schools use teachers more effectively -for teaching. How? Many American schools have a longstanding tradition of classroom mothers, who take on supplementary roles spearheading fundraising, cleaning, decorating and so on. A brilliant system we are lacking in Canada. Are you a room mother? Then you too will love Mabels Labels Online Fundraising!
In Canada, teachers are extremely busy - working long hours and weekends cleaning and preparing classrooms, in addition to preparing the curriculum for the year, and sourcing resources to use in teaching.  Beginning teachers, especially are cash strapped - most of them having to repay huge university loans.
So how is Mabels Labels Online Fundraising Solution perfect for busy teachers?

9 Ways Mabels Labels Online Fundraising Helps Busy Teachers

  1. Simple to set up.
  2. Easy to distribute.No papers, no forms, no money collection,
  3. Safe. No children going door to door.
  4. Economical. No inventory to store or distribute, and Shipping is free to Canada and USA.
  5. Healthy - No children on chocolate bar highs.
  6. Easy to administrate.No envelopes of money to sign in and out of the safe.
  7. Mabels Labels save time daily. No more - whose shoe? whose coat? 
  8. Better Parent Communications- Make calls about learning rather than lost items.
  9. Improved Classroom Organization - Use Mabels Labels Fundraiser to purchase classroom organization tools.
Having done many fundraisers as a classroom teacher, Mabels Labels online fundraising gets an A+ from me!

Mabels Labels Offers Easy Online Fund Raising
What do you like best about Mabels Labels Fundraising?
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