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Sunday, 9 August 2015

#AD Woo HOO! Kawartha Lakes Mums Will Test: Kobo Glo HD eReader! [Kobo Series 1]

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Stop Library Fines Use a Kobo eReader!

Kawartha Lakes families are fortunate to have access to many libraries in small towns and villages throughout City of Kawartha Lakes, but sometimes it can be tricky to get to the library.
Are you having problems getting to the library too?
Are library fines interfering with your family enjoying your library?
Wish you'd never have to pay another library fine?
By borrowing electronic books, you can say goodbye to driving to the library, and even say goodbye to library fines!
How can you say goodbye to library fines?
Simple- ebooks return themselves to City of Kawartha Lakes libraries!
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Kobo Glo HD - Customizable
We're looking forward to taking a new Kobo Canada eReader for a spin - Kobo Glo HD!
Glad you asked!

How Kobo Canada eReaders Help Save Money

Getting to the library, losing books, and difficulty with font size are all problems for our family.
Are these problems for you too?
Enter Kobo Canada eReaders!
How can Kobo Canada eReaders save you money?
Here are three ways we see Kobo Canada eReaders being a savvy shopping solution:
  1. Using a Kobo Canada eReader to borrow an eBook from the library takes no gas,  no oil, no wear and tear on our vehicle  - these savings can really add up!  How much money could you save on trips to the library in a year? Hmm?
  2. Using a Kobo Canada eReader to borrow an eBook from the library means no more lost or damaged books! Have you needed to replace library books? This can really add up BIG time!
  3. Using a Kobo Canada eReader to borrow an eBook from the library means no more library fines! What? Yes ! No more library fines! Did you know eBooks return themselves? This is great for  times we get called away on out of town emergencies.
We are thrilled to be receiving the privilege of testing the NEW Kobo Glo HD eReader! We've been researching eReaders for a while, and really like what we've read about in Kobo eReaders.

Kobo Canada eReaders Advantages

There are many different eReaders, but for our family, we like Kobo Canada eReaders.
The advantages we read about in Kobo Canada eReader reviews include:
  • Price
  • Versatility
  • Ease of Use
  • Grip

Kobo Canada eReaders - Price

Kobo Canada has a great Back To School In Style Sale on until

Kobo Canada eReaders - Versatility

While Kobo eReaders are well known for their versatility, being compatible with many platforms, Kobo Glo seems to be the most versatile of Kobo Canada eReaders.
Introducing the new Kobo Glo HD - the clearest, most book-like 6" HD E Ink touchscreen!
Kobo Glo HD

Introducing the new Kobo Glo HD - the clearest, most book-like 6" HD E Ink touchscreen!
Kobo Glo is described as the anytime eReader thanks to ComfortLight, an even, no-glare front-light solution that lets you read comfortably day or night. The latest high-resolution XGA ClarityScreen brings you closer than ever to the story, as you customize type and tap your way through a tale. In our books, Kobo Glo is a much better solution than using our smartphone,
Have you ever tried to read a book in the daylight with a smartphone?
Not so smart - at least not with ours.
Kobo Glo
Some families have no problems getting to the library, but for our City of Kawartha Lakes family, it has been a challenge. 
Being able to borrow books from the library online and read them on a Kobo eReader could be a great solution for our family.
Would this solution work for you too?
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