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Kawartha Lakes Mums Uses paper.li to create two daily news publications' - Kawartha Mums Daily, and Parenting Daily. You may even be featured in one of these publications!  These publicatins, which show previews of articles shared online, are cleverly created by a Swiss company -Small Rivers, and are known as paper.li. Using the paper.li archives,it is possible to see what links were shared previously in the week as well. You can subscribe to our Paper.li and receive them delivered daiky to your email. New to paper.li is the ability to add your cmment to a publication. Have you added your comment  yet?

What is The Kawartha Mums Daily? 

Kawartha Mums Daily automatically combines news from various sources about Kawartha Lakes into one publication.It includes links shared by City of Kawartha Lakes, City of Kawartha Lakes Police, Bobcaygeon Chamber of Commerce, and Tweets tagged #KawarthaLakes, as well as a few other sources. Do you know an account consistently sharing news about only Kawartha Lakes? Let us know! We may want to include it too! 

What is Parenting Daily? 

Parenting Daily automatically selects links tagged #Parenting on Twitter, and congregates them into one publication.

How can you appear in one of these publications? 

Two ways: You can comment in our paper.li or be a contributor. How can you contribute? If you are on Twitter, and share a link with the #KawarthaLakes tag, your twitter account will show up as a contributor, and your link will show as an article in Kawartha Lakes Mums. Want to show up in Parenting Daily?  Use the tag #Parenting with your tweet.

Here are our two Paper.li. :

The Kawartha Mums Daily

Parenting Daily

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