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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New Connection Offers iPad Prize to USA Bloggers ~

Each week I seek out a new way to connect our Kawartha Lakes Mums with a wider audience. Today's Connection is the Blogger Effect.
I'm still checking out all the features on the Blogger Effect Site to see how it can benefit our Kawartha Lakes Mums blog.

The first benefit, is you could win an iPad 3 if you are a USA blogger,that is. When I first posted this link, I must have been half-asleep. Sorry about that folks.

What is The Blogger Effect?

The Blogger Effect offers bloggers, writers, photographers and journalists an opportunity to showcase their talent and promote themselves through their website. They want to empower bloggers while aiding them in creating content by surrounding them with advice, community and interactivity with like minded individuals.

In  addition, The Blogger Effect offers companies, organizations, and agencies access to this extraordinary content.  Through their application businesses will be connected to highly effective content, have access to influencers and specialized content suggestions delivered right to them.  Taking the headache out of content management is just one effect in store.

The Blogger Effect Welcomes Guest Posts about a variety of topics related to Blogging. In return for your guest post,you receive one link to your blog within your post,as well as up to three links to your social networks in your bio. See details about The Blogger Effect Guest posts here.

Are you from the USA? Want to enter,but don't have a blog yet?
Starting a blog is free and easy.
Check out this post I wrote about using Blogger as a Free Website.

Blogger Effect

The following badge does not seem to be working .
Ready to enter and win an iPad? Here is the link:

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