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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Survey! Kawartha Lakes Asks Which Bill Payment Options Do You Prefer? Me? Swagbucks! [Humour]

Kawartha Lakes Bill Payment Survey - Paying Taxes with Swagbucks!

FTC Disclaimer: This post contains my referral link to Swagbucks if you use code KawarthaMums when you sign up, you'll get 70 bonus bucks and I'll be rewarded for helping you. This does not affect my opinion.
City of Kawartha Lakes Revenue and Taxation Department wants to hear from residents - seasonal and full-time - regarding how they pay their municipal tax and water bills and whether there are different options residents would like to see.  I'm thinking of adding Swagbucks as an option. Swagbucks? How can you pay your taxes using Swagbucks?
Glad you asked!

How To Pay Taxes Using Swagbucks

Pay your Kawartha Lakes Taxes Using Swagbucks Cheque made out to City of Kawartha Lakes with Swagbucks
You Can Pay Kawartha Lakes Taxes Using Swagbucks
Did you know you can pay your taxes using Swagbucks? Swagbucks? Wondering what on earth Swagbucks are? Check out this previous post on How to Win Swagbucks. It may surprise you, but yes, you can pay your water bill and property taxes with Swagbucks. Okay.... not directly, but it can be done.
Have you ever wondered about paying bills with other forms of tender? One gentleman in Peterborough paid a fine using beer bottles, and I've heard of people buying everything from restaurant meals to recording sessions using Canadian Tire Money. Air miles points are now being accepted by many stores as cash, but my greatest stash of reward points is with Swagbucks.
How do you pay your taxes with Swagbucks? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Win a stash of Swagbucks.
  2. Go to the Swagbucks rewards store and choose PayPal Gift cards in the denominations you need.
  3. Transfer your PayPal cash into your bank account.
Now you have the cash in your bank account and can pay your taxes by check, bank transfer or automatic debit, or even debit card. Wouldn't it be simpler though if we could pay directly with Swagbucks? What do you think they would say to this suggestion at City Hall? Have you ever paid for something with an unusual form of tender?

Kawartha Lakes - Current Bill Payment Options

City of Kawartha Lakes residents currently have the option of paying their bills at Municipal Service Centres, City Hall, at their financial institution, Online and through pre-authorized payments. This survey is intended to help identify further opportunities to assist residents in paying their municipal bills. See the link to the survey in the related links below.
Have you ever paid for something with an unusual form of tender? We'd love to hear from you.
Drop us a comment, or connect with us in one of these ways. We love hearing from our readers!
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