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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Frugal Find: How You Can Win free Swagbucks Gift Cards! [Coupon Code]

Kawartha Lakes Mums Readers - New Coupon Code Helps You Win Free Gift Cards! 

 Kawartha Lakes Mums is pleased to announce a new exclusive coupon code for all our readers and their friends who are new to Swagbucks. Who can use it? Most people in Canada, USA, Australia, and the UK! We've won over $100 from Swagbucks, and Swagbucks has given our readers a fab coupon code to help start you off with a bonus 70 Swagbucks. What is Swagbucks? How can you win Mega Swagbucks too?
Glad you asked.

Winning Mega Swagbucks Tips

Swagbucks are a free online loyalty program for where you can win free Giftcards by using the Swagbucks search engine, watching videos, playing online games, listening to online radio, entering giveaways and more.There are many ways to win Swagbucks, and we're pleased to be able to help our readers win Swagbucks too. Here are just a few of our top favourite free ways to win Swagbucks. we hope this list will bless you too.

  1. Sign up with a Swagcode. Our sign up code is KawarthaMums - it starts our new referrals with 70 Swagbucks in addition to the 30 they get as they complete their profile.  Our code is live and lasts through Friday, October 10th. To enter the registration code,  click the text that reads "I have a sign up code" as you're signing up for Swagbucks here
    New Coupon Code for all Kawartha Lakes Mums readers where eligible for Swagbucks!
    Use Coupon Code KawarthaMums For 70 Swagbucks Start
  2. Message us through Twitter or Facebook to let us know you signed up. Then we can help with any questions.
  3. Install the Swagbucks search bar -We prefer using Google Chrome with the Swagbucks add on, as it gives us alerts and easy access to search.Search using the Swagbucks tool bar - most of our Swagbucks are from Search.
  4. Turn on your daily Goal bar and get bonuses when you meet your daily, weekly, and monthly goals.
  5. Take the daily poll, then click to watch the videos. This will give you 3 Swagbucks each day. If you comment on the poll you'll be entered in a random draw to win more Swagbucks.
  6. Watch for Swagbucks Codes. Installing the Google Chrome App makes this easy. Plus if you let us know you signed up with us, we'll send you a "Psst  There's a swagcode!"
  7. Join Peanut Labs under Special Offers and take surveys - This is one of the fastest free ways to get Mega Swagbucks - up to 500 Swagbucks!
  8. Check your Swagbucks Messages for special offers just perfect for you or your friends. There was a survey in my inbox worth 2,000 Swagbucks for Canadians with cardio vascular Disease today. Do you have cardio vascular disease? If you qualify for the survey, you could have a bonus $20!
  9. Take part in the Twitter #SwagWord of the Day and Twitter Tuesday The Phrase That Pays to win up to 500 Swagbucks.
There are lots more free ways to win Swagbucks including watching videos, playing online games, liking Facebook pages, and even entering Giveaways! So what can you get with Swagbucks?

Cashing In Your Swagbucks

Swagbucks can be redeemed for a tonne of rewards including PayPal Cash, Amazon.com or Amazon Canada GiftCards, LandsEnd Gift cards and more. 
The best deal we've seen is $5 Amazon Canada for 450 Swagbucks Other Gift cards are usually $10 for 1, 000 Swagbucks, $20 for 2,000 Swagbucks etc.Plus when you use your Amazon Canada Gift card you can get 1 SB per dollar when you shop in selected departments.
One advantage to getting PayPal Cash is you can use your PayPal Cash when you shop at many online stores like Hudson Bay Company or Canada Post to get up to 3 Swagbucks per dollar rebated to you and Some stores like Hudson Bay Company have rewards points too.
Swagbucks search rewards you with free giftcards and more!
Free Gift Cards! Switch to Swagbucks Search, Games, Videos, Radio and More!

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  1. How are your swagbucks earnings building up? Remember to let us know when you join Swag bucks so we can help you get swagbucks!


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