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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Janetville Time Capsule Opening Today! What Will They Find?

Janetville United Church Opens Time Capsule!

Kawartha Lakes Mums- What Do You think Janvetville Church will discover ion their cornerstone Time capsule?

Sunday,June 17th Janetville United Church will celebrate 151 years as a faith community,and to celebrate, they are opening up the time capsule in the cornerstone.What do you think they will discover? There are some who believe the time capsule contains items from 51 years ago,and others wonder if the capsule items will even pre-date this.

Will Any June 1961 Top Trends Be Reflected in Janetville Time Capsule?

In 1961, Billboard Music Week heralded the newest innovations and trends:
- Royal pocket-sized all- transistor radio,
- Admiral Clock radio worked on 4 tubes with a wake to music setting
- Compact 33's the newest idea in records;
- The Guns of Navarone with Gregory Peck played on the big screen;
- LP's topping the charts included recordings from the Copa Cabana and Anka,Belafonte's stylings were top
- Coral Records Newest Single 'Count Your Blessings' by the Demensions merited a full page ad

I wonder what is in the time capsule at Janetville United Church?

You will want to be sure to be there for this historic occasion!
The congregation plans to add mementos from their 150th celebration last year. After adding the momentous, the time capsule will be re-inserted in the cornerstone, for future generations to explore down the road. Janetville United Church looks forward to welcoming you to this special occasion at 10:30am
Bill Board Music Week June 26,1961
About Janetville United Church, part of the Janetville Pastiral Charge, is located at 712 Janetville Rd, Janetville, Ontario.You can find out more about this church on the Parish website at http://www.acountrychurchforyou.comor by calling

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