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Monday, 11 March 2013

New KawarthaLakes Mums Facebook Banner Winner Announced March 11,2013

Which Active Kawartha Lakes Mums Fan Gains Top Spot? 

Choosing a new Kawartha Lakes Mums Banner winner was a bit challenging this week. So we hae started using Rafflecopter. See the link at the bottom of this post to enter. 

How We Chose This Week's Facebook Banner Winner

We had 55 actions that helped promote Kawartha Lakes Mums over the past week by individual fans each action giving an entry to that fan. Actions which counted included:new page likes, post likes, and ccomments on posts, and posts by individuals to the page. We Have a winner! 

Random.org was used to draw from all the active fans, then the active fan who had posted their page link on the link list was the one drawn. We appreciate all our active fans Thank you for helping move this project forward which seeks to connect City of Kawartha Lakes Families, organizations and businesses localy and to a wider audence. All pages which were personally posted by fans will be highlighted in our Facebook Featured likes.

Kawartha Lakes Mums Banner Draw Results

Here are the draw results:
  1. Ashley T - Number 52 no link posted. 
  2.  Tammy M., Number 1 no link posted. 
  3. Lauren D, Number 22 no link posted. 
  4. Tessa S, Number 11 We Have a winner!  Tessa S is the Page owner of Inspired by Adele
 Want to enter to win our next Kawartha Lakes Mums Facebook Banner? We are now switching to a new format using Kawartha Lakes Mums Rafflecopter. Please visit our Rafflecopter page on Facebook and enter! 

Suzanne Sholer
Social Media

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