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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Conserving Water? Lindsay and Oakwood - Sending You Smiles!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Showering With Friends? 

Tuesday, April 16 through to Thursday April 18, Oakwood and Lindsay families are asked to conserve water wherever possible as planned regular maintenance is being undertaken at the Lindsay Water Treatment Facility this week. Here are 3  kid-friendly water conservation YouTubes, and links to some quirky ones you might share with teens. How do you conserve water?

 In many countries water conservation is not an occassional discomfort,but a daily reality. There are some innovative water conservation public service announcements on YouTube. 
 So how are you conserving water? Please post your comments below. 

Three Water Conservation YouTubes For Children

  • Heroes of Water Conservation-Unesco
  • The Water Cycle Song
  • Sesame Street Water Conservation 

Three Quirky Water Conservation Video Links

> The planned maintenance on the water treatment plant will limit the ability to produce normal quantities of water The quality of the water will not be affected and will continue to meet all regulated quality and safety standards. Once the maintenance is complete the City will notify residents that the facility is back to normal operation. So what will you be doing to conserve water over the next few days?

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