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Monday, 8 April 2013

Omemee: Free Deer Fencing Demo! Wow! Deer - Fencing?

Kawartha Lakes Mums Ever See Deer Fencing? 

Do you have pets you want to keep in your yard, or friendly woodland garden munchers you want to keep out?
 Check out this free demonstration at Green Side Farm Omemee.
Omemee: Friday April 12, 2013 12:30pm Doug Kennedy  invites you to
Come by Green Side Farm  Home of Green Side Up Envirronmental. Services and Landscaping, for a demonstration from Deer Fence Canada on how to install deer fencing. 

Why Install Deer Fencing? 

Why do you want to install deer fencing? Deer fencing will keep pets in, and our many friendly forest friends out.
Doug Kennedy of Green Side Farm writes:
This winter I had porcupines devour all my, apple, maple and oak trees in the nursery. If I had had seasonal fence it would have probably saved them. Fences acts as a deterrent to more than just deer.
So deer fencing could save you a bundle!
image photo two deer inspecting garden from behind deer fencing
Did you know? 
Deer fencing can be permanent or seasonal.
A few reasons for deer fence...
-Protect crops and flower beds large and small

-Protect natural area/ecological restoration areas until stabilized
-Preventative measure to keep deer from being accustomed to urban environments

-Keep family pets retained in rural settings. ie. cottage, camp, farm.

-Protect landscape and horticultural investments in rural areas. ie. cottage, camp, farm.

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