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Friday, 12 April 2013

Kawartha Lakes Communities

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Do You Know Which Communities Comprise City of Kawartha Lakes? 

City of Kawartha Lakes generally covers the same area previously covered by Victoria County. However, some communities that were part of Victoria County were not amalgamated into City of Kawartha Lakes. Does this surprise you? We were surpised!

City of Kawartha Lakes Communities Vital Thriving Locations

image City of Kawartha Lakes Map
Communities within City of Kawartha Lakes include main population centres of

City of Kawartha Lakes Heritage Communities

There are also many smaller thriving active communities in City of Kawartha Lakes where events are held. We are trying to create links to all community areas in City of Kawartha Lakes. So where do find all these small communities? Wikipedia lists the following rural post office locations,where people would pick up their mail prior to the beginning of rural mail delivery. Many activitities, festivals, and events are often scheduled in these communities. We look forward to eventually activating each of these links. Please leave a comment below if you have any relevant links for these communities, or information about any communities that should be added to or deleted from this list. Thanks!
*Ancona Point
*Avery Point
*Baker Trail
*Birch Point
*Burnt River
*Bury's Green
*Camp Kagawong
*Campbells Beach
*Corson's Siding
*Cowan's Bay
*Crawfords Beach
*Cunningham's Corners
*Dartmoor (ghost town)
*Daytonia Beach
*East Emily
*Fairburn Corner
*Fee's Landing
*Feir Mill
*Fell Station
*Fenelon Falls
*Fleetwood Station
*Fowlers Corners
(Now part of Peterborough County) *Fox's Corners
*Frank Hill
*Gilsons Point
*Glenway Village
*Head Lake
*Hickory Beach
*Hillhead Corners
*Isaacs Glen
*Joyvista Estates
*Kenedon Park
*Kenrei Park
*Kenstone Beach
*Keystone Beach
*King's Wharf
*Lake Dalrymple
*Lancaster Bay
*Linden Valley
*Little Britain, Ontario
*Long Beach
*Long Point
*MacKenzie Point
*Mallards Bay
*Mariposa Station
*McCrackin's Beach
*McGuire Beach
*Mount Horeb
*Newmans Beach
*Oak Hill
*Oakdene Point
*O'Donnell Landing
*Orange Corners
*Pickerel Point
*Pleasant Point
*Port Hoover
*Powles Corners
*Ragged Rapids (ghost town)
*Red Cap Beach
*Sandy Point
*Silver Lake
*Snug Harbour
*Southview Estates
*St. Mary's
*Sturgeon Point
*Sullivan's Bay
*Sylvan Glen Beach
*Taylor's Corners
*Tracey's Hill
*Union Creek
*Verulam Park
*Victoria Place
*View Lake
*Washburn Island
*Watson's Siding
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