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Friday, 10 May 2013

Hunger E Auction - Deluxe Ad With Social Media Shouts -

Get Found - Be Seen! Bid Now! Deluxe Online Ad

Bid on Business Coverage! Help Kawartha Lakes Food Source Feed Hungry Children!
Kawartha Lakes Mums is donating a free deluxe 1 month ad  beginning in June and running for 30 days.

Value: $50  Starting bid : $5  Increments of $1 To bid Please comment below . Payments will be made directly by winning bidder to Kawartha Lakes Food Source

Prize Description.

Positioned in the top left corner, at Kawartha Lakes Mums,  it will be visible on all pages.
Included with this ad are a minimum of 46 social shouts including :
  • 1 Blogger - email - Facebook - Twitter syndicated post = 4
  • Two Syndicated Facebook - Twitter posts per week = 16
  • 1 Pinterest Post - Twitter Syndicated post = 2
  • 1 tumbler  -Twitter Syndicated Post = 2
  • 12 Twitter - Paper.li Syndicated Posts = 24
This 1 month deluxe ad package is valued at $50

A few statistics:
  • Blogger -  Page  Views per month over 8,750 top views Ontario 
  • Facebook - Potential reach over 97,000 actual 800 - 850 per week Main audience women 18-60   
  • Twitter -  1,7900 Klout Score  =45 topics - community, parenting, dining,
Donate a prize or See more information on the Hunger E Auction Supporting Kawartha Lakes Food Source

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