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Sunday, 19 May 2013

May 21 Lindsay Prom Impaired Driving Presentation!

Kawartha Lakes Teens Will They Dance Another Day?

Tues. May 21, 2013 09:00-14:30 St. Thomas Acquinas, Lindsay high school students will have an opportunity to use an impaired driving simulator. How is your school trying to prevent impaired prom deaths?
There is a growing trend to supplement warnings with positive post-prom parties in some areas. What life-saving steps will you take to help save teen lives? 

Kawartha Lakes OPP Plus Kawartha Lakes Police Services Team Impaired Driving Presentation

The importance of the hands-on workshop presented jointly by City of Kawartha Lakes OPP and Kawartha Lakes Police Services at St Thomas Aquinas School  is emphasized by Provincial Constable Lanning.
With the proms set to take place in the near future the Kawartha Lakes PS and the City of Kawartha Lakes OPP have combined to offer the grade 11 and 12 students the opportunity to use the impaired driving simulator. The police services will be sending a strong 'Don't drink and drive.' message to the students as they prepare for their prom events.

Impaired Driving Kills Teens

image OSAID poster Make Sure You Have a Safe Ride Home
Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving
Make Sure You Have A Safe Ride Home
More teens are killed by impaired driving than any other cause. More teens die from impaired driving than Cancer, Aids, or any other disease. Increasing concern is rising about other drugs and driving too. One in three drivers charged with reckless driving test positive for Marijuana. However, all-night supervised after-prom parties using innovative programming, and prizes are beginning to make in-roads in saving young lives.

Post - Prom Parties Preserving Lives

After-prom parties offering high ticket prizes are preserving teen lives across North America. Studies are showing a positive impact. Using a 'catch more flies with honey' approach has brought injuries and deaths to a standstill in many jurisdictions across the United States.
Last year a Wasaga Ontario school hosted their first supervised post grad complete with arcade games, wii tournament, photo booths, magician, prizes, and even a car raffle. Peer pressure is a  tough nut to crack though, so how can attendance at supervised post-grads be amped up?  
Increasing student attendance at supervised after-prom parties key lies in schools working together. Attendance at supervised post-prom parties is becoming the norm in many school areas, such as Johnson City  New York High School where 90 percent attend their after-prom party. In several US school jurisdictions, attendees at local post-grad parties are eligible to attend a grand finale bash where even larger prizes are given away. 
With a solid track record showing for zero-tolerance after-prom parties, could we look forward to this becoming a growing trend in Kawartha Lakes too? 

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