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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

No Duh! Flying Lanterns Pose Potential Fire Hazard!

Flying Sky Lanterns?  Who Let These Pass Safety?

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Sky Lanterns - does this product description make you shake you head in wonder? Once in a awhile you read a product description, and it just makes you think - what idiot would think this is a great thing to use? Flying Lanterns aka Sky Lanterns rank right up there in the FILE THIS UNDER STUPID department.  Perhaps I'm overly cautious. What do you think of the following press release?

In 2009, The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) became aware of the existence of a consumer product that poses a serious fire safety hazard. The Flying Lantern (also known as the Sky Lantern) was being sold by Canadian online distributors of fireworks products and at retail stores.

The product resembles a small hot-air balloon, fuelled by open flame. When released, the hot air produced by the fuel source can lift the lantern to extreme heights and allows it to drift for long distances until the fuel is depleted. These lanterns are often released in large numbers to generate an impressive visual effect.

Due to their uncontrolled and unpredictable flight path, these products could land on trees, building rooftops or other combustible properties while still ignited and potentially cause a fire.

Based on these concerns, the OFM issued a Public Education notice which advised fire department to caution members of their community about the potential fire hazards associated with the Flying Lantern and to encourage retailers who sell this product to remove it from their store shelves.

The City of Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service has recently received a number of reports that indicate an increase in the use of Flying Lanterns. The Fire Service would like to re-emphasize that there is still the same fire risk concerns associated with the use of these products and caution members of the community about the potential fire hazards related to Flying Lanterns.

Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service would also like to take the opportunity to discourage retailers from stocking these items.

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