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Monday, 31 March 2014

Attention #Conservationists #Farmers #Cottage Owners Order Your Grass or Trees Today!

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Order Conservation Priced Grass, Trees, Shrubs!

Rural and shoreline residents can reserve on a first-come, first served basis, tree and shrub seedlings and new this year for shoreline property owners, native grass species!. Prices are extremely reasonable.
Kawartha Conservation offers this service to help prevent erosion in our area. Take advantage of great group pricing today!

Why Plant Trees?

Male Black and orange Batimore Oriole sitting in Ontario tree. One more reason to plant trees in Kawartha Lakes. free image linked to wikipedia source.
Male Baltimore OrioleFree image from Here
Planting trees, shrubs and grasses can do a lot for your property Here are just a few of the advantages:
Rural lands

  • Convert acreage into a beautiful, and ecologically diverse wilderness.
  • Create privacy.
  • Protect creeks and drainage areas.
  • Leave a natural legacy.


  • Use shrubs and native grasses to stabilize the bank and prevent erosion.
  • Keep Canada Geese off your lawn by creating a barrier.
  • Help improve water quality by having shrubs and grasses that filter water.

Agricultural Lands

  • Plant windbreaks to reduce wind and water erosion.
  • Convert marginal lands to valuable woodlots.
  • Protect ground and surface water resources.
  • Create buffer strips along creeks and drainage areas.

Kawartha Conservation Tree Planting Program Requirements

Kawartha Conservation offers a wide variety of  bare root grasses, trees and shrubs for planting, but orders must be in today, March 31, 2014. To qualify for these amazing prices, you must meet the following requirements.

  1.  Landowners must agree to not commercially re-sell the trees and shrubs, i.e. commercial nurseries and landscaping companies.
  2. Minimum order of 100 trees to a maximum of 5 species.
  3. Minimum order of 25 shrubs to a maximum of 5 species.
  4. Minimum order of 20 grasses. The intention for selling native grass stock is to vegetate shoreline properties. Please provide a project map with your order.
For more information and the order form go to:http://adf.ly/4009826/kawartha-conservation-tree-seeding-progr

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