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Thursday, 8 May 2014

5 Interesting Facts about Tom Mullica Red Skelton Show Supporting Kawartha Lakes Kids May 9!

Tom Mullica Show - Red a Personal Tribute!

Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes May 9, 2014  Tom Mullica, world renowned comedian, will perform Goodnight and May God Bless recreating Red Skelton as he was and as he might be today. The show, in support of Boys and Girls Clubs City of Kawartha Lakes, is personally significant to Tom and the only show endorsed by the Red Skelton Family. According to several sources, Tom's career was greatly influenced by Red Skelton who took a personal interest in Tom's career when he was a young comedian, and even gifted Tom with a very personal historic prop. Here are 5 Interesting facts about the Tom Mullica Red Skelton Tribute Show that we discovered.

5 Interesting Facts about Tom Mullica Red Skelton Show

  1. Tom started in comedy at a very early age. How early?
  2. Red Skelton made Tom an offer that changed his Tom-Foolery show overnight. What was it?
  3. Red Skelton gave Tom a very significant pool cue - Who gave it to Red?
  4. Red Skelton gave Tom a piece of advice to help him become an international act. What was it?
  5. When Tom performed at Red Skelton's 100th birthday celebration, someone very special gave him high praise indeed. Who?
Want the answers? Leave a comment below.

Treat Mum to Family Friendly Red Skelton Show Supporting Boys and Girls Club Kawartha Lakes

Tom Mullica's Show Red - Goodnight and May God Bless will be at Academy Theatre Lindsay 7 pm May 9, 2014. Visit the Academy Theatre Website for Tickets to this event at the link below.

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