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Saturday, 3 May 2014

@CDNHomeowner #Giveaway Win $1000 @CanadianTire Gift Card!

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Could You Use $1,000 Canadian Tire Gift Card?

UPDATE : This Giveaway is over. However, the post does have some interesting bits about Canadian Tire Trivia.
 I just entered to win a $1000 Canadian Tire gift card from You can too! What will you spend your Canadian Tire Money on? I discovered some interesting bits and bobs about Canadian Tire Money purchases this morning, that I've shared below.
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This Giveaway ended May 14, 2014 and was sponsored by the Property Guys at Canadian Homeowner who chat with us regularly on Twitter @KawarthaMums and participate in our Kawartha Lakes Mums Homes for Sale Pinterest boards. If you are thinking of buying a home in City of Kawartha Lakes you may want to check out their Pins on our Pinterest board!
Who can enter this Giveaway?
The Canadian Home Owner Canadian Tire Gift Card Giveaway is open to adult Canadian residents except in the province of Quebec. This is a referral contest, so you enter once, and you get extra entries when your friends enter too!
What will you buy with your $1000 Canadian Tire Gift Card? How about some fab items to spruce up your home?

Canadian Tire Money - Odd Web News 

Huge Canadian Tire Money stash piled on a desk. A bit tricky to cart around. Win a $1000 Gift Card in this Giveaway featured on Kawartha Lakes Mums
Canadian Tire Money Stash image from Corin
While searching for an image of Canadian Tire Money I discovered the following odd bits and pieces.
  • Biggest Canadian Tire Money Purchase? Did you know that one man saved Canadian Tire Money for 15 years to buy a riding lawn mower? Read about it and more interesting facts on this Canadian blog
  • Did you know you can pay to record a song using Canadian Tire Money? Corin, a Toronto Singer -Song writer is going to record a song about saving Canadian Tire Money with a stash of -you guessed it - Canadian Tire Money! Do NOT CLICK THIS LINK IT IS BEING REPAIRED >>>>> http://adf.ly/4009826/canadian-tire-cash-corin
  • If you live in Nova Scotia, you can rent videos using - yup - Canadian Tire Money.
  • There is even a BC restaurant that accepts Canadian Tire money!
Do you know other places that accept Canadian Tire Money at par? Post a comment below and share your insider tips!
That gives me an idea- as of today, yes - I will accept Canadian Tire Money! email your family friendly ad details to http://scr.im/klmums
Ready to enter? Go to  STALE DATED LINK REMOVED
 Good luck in the giveaway!
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1 comment:

  1. WooHoo! That's a tonne of Canadian Tire money!
    What will you buy when you win this Canadian Tire Gift card?
    Something for your home, or something for your vehicle?


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