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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May 16 Lindsay #Rugby Club Honours Founder - Pig Roast, Match Plus Aerial Photo!

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Enjoy Rugby? Check Out This Lindsay Rugby Event!

Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes May 16th, 2014: Lindsay Rugby Club has a fun event lined up May 16th and you're invited!
May 16 Lindsay Rugby Club will celebrate Vince Jones and his contributions to rugby in our area, with an aerial photo shoot,  a special a special Rock Ground Ticketshow match against the Newfoundland Rock ‘A’ squad, and Pig Roast.
Will you be taking part in the aerial photo shoot?

Free Advance Ground Tickets
Spectators are asked to please be at Lindsay Rugby Club for 5.00 pm, wearing red, yellow or black tops to take part in the aerial photo shoot when they will make up Vince’s famous smiling “V” logo and take an aerial photograph. 

FREE Ground Tickets! 

 Following the aerial photo, in honour of their past founder, and the tradition of Barbarian sides playing tourists; players from Oshawa Vikings, Peterborough Pagans and Lindsay Gryphons will play a special Rock Ground Ticketshow match against the Newfoundland Rock ‘A’ squad.  The kick off for this match will be 6.00pm. Ground tickets are available for free on the Lindsay Rugby Website or for $5 at the gate. 
If you would like to reserve your portion of the pig roast meal, purchase advanced tickets on the Lindsay Rugby website for $10. There are a limited number available.

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