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Sunday, 1 June 2014

June 7 Free BBQ for Volunteers Joining @LoveonLindsay - Helping Non-Profits!

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Will Your Family Help Lindsay Non-Profits?

Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes June 7 2014: Free Food! Got your attention? Saturday June 7, at noon, volunteers will gather at Old Mill Park, Lindsay to undertake hands-on projects to help community non-profits, then at the end of the day meet back at the park for a free volunteer BBQ.
Will you be joining in to make a difference?

Love on Lindsay 2014 Projects

June 7 2014 Love on Lindsay Day  
Community Projects for the 2014 Love on Lindsay Day include:

  1. Painting 100" x 12' concrete wall 
  2. Flower bed , trim one tree 
  3. Remove unwanted items to garbage disposal 
  4. Take down a 15' tree 
  5. Work-up 4 court yards of flower beds 
  6. Work-up flower bed and scrape and stain a porch 
  7. Scrape and paint 2 benches / paint 6 posts 3' high 
  8. Work-up flower bed and plant flowers  
  9. Work-up flower beds, plant flower / stain gazebo 
  10. Paint 3 bathrooms 
  11. Work-up flower beds, mulch, planting flowers 
  12. Weed, work-up, and plant a memorial garden 
  13. Picking up garbage on the Victoria trail (King St. to Logie St.) 
  14. Clean up in Mayor Flynn Park
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