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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Omemee Siblings Awarded For #Fire Smart Actions! Would Your Children

Kawartha Lakes Siblings Received Fire Safety Action Award - How Fire Smart are Your Children?

Omemee Kawartha Lakes June 19, 2014 Christian Sparks and Chloe Sparks from Omemee received Fire Safety Action Awards today in Toronto. If fire broke out in your home right now, what would you do? Would your children know what to do in case of a fire? Would they remember?

Do you remember the two storey house fire in Omemee? Christian and Chloe were in that fire.  The annual Fire Safety Awards ceremony, hosted by the Fire Marshal's Public Fire Safety Council, recognizes outstanding contributions to fire protection and prevention in Ontario.

Kawartha Lakes Kids - Kept Cool During Fire

Omemee kids kept cool during Omemee House Fire Blaze
Kawartha Family Survived Fire
Can you imagine this happening in your home?
Last December, Christian and Chloe from Omemee had their fire safety knowledge put to the test when a devastating fire broke out in their home. About 4:00 a.m., December 13 their father awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of smoke alarms. He immediately ran through the thick smoke to each of his children`s bedrooms, screaming for them to get up.
Although scared, 14-year-old Chloe Sparks and her 12 year-old brother Christian followed their home escape plan, keeping low under the smoke and safely exiting the home. They immediately went to their designated meeting place on the front lawn and yelled to their father to let him know they were safely outside.
 Their father had become separated from the kids in the dense, black smoke, however when he heard them calling to him that they were safe, he was able to make his way outside, along with the family dog.

Does Your Family Have a Home Escape Plan?

 Sadly Chloe and Christian's home was completely destroyed in the fire and was later demolished, but the most important thing survived-their family.
 "In a fire situation, every second counts," said Ted Wieclawek, Chair, Fire Marshal's Public Fire Safety Council. "Fortunately Chloe and Christian knew exactly what to do because of the fire safety lessons they had received at school from the Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service and the Ontario Provincial Police DARE program." 
Would your children be able to remember what to do in a fire? One of the most important things people do to help them remember under pressure is practise.  I have to admit, we do not practise our safety plans in our home enough. How often do you practise?  Not sure what to practise for a Home Fire Escape plan? Here are the steps in designing an escape plan from Kawartha Lakes Fire Department

  1. Draw a floor plan of your home.  
  2. Include all possible emergency exits. 
  3. Show two ways out of every room, if possible. 
  4. Does anyone need help to escape? Decide in advance who will assist the very young, older adults or people with disabilities in your household. 
  5. Choose a meeting place outside. 
  6. Call the fire department from outside your home. 
  7. Practise your escape. 
Review your plan with everyone in your household. Walk through the escape routes for each room with the entire family. Make sure all exits are practical and easy to use. Then hold a fire drill twice a year and time how long it takes. In a real fire, you must react without hesitation as your escape routes may be quickly blocked by smoke or flames.  Good luck!
About Fire Safety Action Awards:
Fire Safety Action Awards are awarded to young children and teenagers who have actively demonstrated fire safety behaviours they have learned. The Fire Marshal's Public Fire Safety Council gratefully acknowledges the support of its sponsors in this event: TD Bank Group, Toronto Blue Jays, Union Gas Limited/ A Spectra Energy Company, Technical Standards & Safety Authority - TSSA, Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. Proctor & Gamble Inc., Electrical Safety Authority, CSA Group, The Co-operators Group, Kidde Canada Inc., Roxul Inc. and The Home Depot.
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