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Friday, 4 July 2014

4 Reasons Americans Love Visiting Kawartha Lakes!

Kawartha Lakes - Great American Holiday Choice!

Disclaimer: All opinions below are mine. The City of Kawartha Lakes has no idea what I've written, nor have they sponsored this post, nor any posts yet. 
Happy Fourth of July to all our American readers! Do you know why Americans love visiting City of Kawartha Lakes? If you haven't visited City of Kawartha Lakes yet, you are missing out on one of the best kept secrets of Ontario Tourism. Did I hear a Shh!?
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Currently City of Kawartha Lakes ranks 7th of all the places in Ontario Americans love to visit. Did I hear a another Shh!? 
Happy 4th of July from Kawartha Lakes Mums
Yes, I know, when this gets out City of Kawartha Lakes may become the top visitor destination for Americans. We are a hidden jewel only 4% of Americans are familiar with our area, though City of Kawartha Lakes is the top choice cottage destination for Torontonians.

Welcome Southern Neighbours!

Many Ontario Tourism studies focus on Americans visiting large Ontario cities, however City of Kawartha Lakes fits perfectly with American travel goals. It does? Yes it does!
Here are a few things we were surprised to find out in a survey done by Ontario Tourism about people visiting Ontario from the USA. 

Did you know more Americans want to visit Ontario, but they aren't sure where to go? We would sure love to have you visit us!
Ontario Destinations for Americans 50% Don't know 16% Toronto 14% Niagara Falls
Kawartha Lakes Mums Discovered Americans Don't Know Where They Want to Travel
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4 Reasons WhyAmericans Love City of Kawartha Lakes Ontario

Here are four reasons our American Visitors love visiting City of Kawartha Lakes Ontario.
What American Visitors Want
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  1. Did you know 68% of Americans visiting Ontario said they are looking for nature experiences? Americans love exploring over 600 kilometres of trails, plus parks, rivers, lakes, and streams and discovering the birds and animals in our area.  Cycling, canoeing, hiking, sailing, birding, fishing name it -Americans love our great outdoors! Did you know Kawartha means Land of Shining Waters? Want to lay back and watch nature float by? How about renting a houseboat and meandering through Kawartha Lakes along the Trent Severn Waterway?
  2. Did you know 63% of American visitors say they are looking for history?
    Can You Name These Kawartha Lakes Museums?
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    Do we have history? You bet!! Visitors love strolling our Historic Walking Tours, and poking through our quirky museums like the Coboconk Jail, Youngtown Rock N Roll Museum, Highlands Cinema Museum, Bobcaygeon Settlers Village, Maryboro Lodge, Boyd Heritage MuseumHorseless Carriage Museum, Kinmount Model Rail Road, Lindsay Olde Gaole, and the Museum of Temporary Art. Americans love exploring our bits of hidden history too! Guess what is hidden at  Ziggys Fish and Chips?  Amazing war memorabilia! Where do Coca Cola Fans hang out? Pita Pantry!  Where can you find antique sports equipment? Drop me a comment, and I'll let you in on this little secret too! Believe it or not our Drive-In still shows movies! 
  3. Did you know Americans are watching their travelling budget? 
    City of Kawartha Lakes
    Natural Beauty
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    Well who wouldn't? We certainly are! With City of Kawartha Lakes, being just up the road from Toronto, we are just a hey you and a holler from the border. Plus did you know cottaging and camping can be the most economical ways to enjoy a vacation? It's true, and there are budget friendly places to stay in City of Kawartha Lakes too! Kawartha Lakes Mums is happy to help source budget-friendly accommodations, entertainment, shopping and insider secrets for holiday savings. Just Ask! WAnt to catch all KAwartha Lakes Mums Insider Secrets? Get your free subscription today, and a free Summer Bucket List too!
  4. Did you know Americans value time spent with friendly people? Visitors to City of Kawartha Lakes often remark on our unique country friendliness and courtesy. The friendliness steeped in years of country hospitality at traditional church BBQ's and picnics, numerous fairs and festivals. and free children's activities at our many libraries. Heck, even our robotic greeters are friendly! Did you know 7% of people who said they didn't want to visit Ontario was because of Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford? It's true!  Read the study! Relax! Here's our Mayor - Ric McGee. He is one of the friendliest guys you'll ever meet! 
  5. Mayor Ric Magee City of Kawartha Lakes  from Welcome to Kawartha Lakes
    Mayor Ric Magee Welcomes You to City of Kawartha Lakes
So who's coming for dinner? Well, here are some of the folks who plan on travelling to Ontario this year. Want to visit with us?  We would love to welcome you! Drop us a comment below, or come chat with us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Plus.  We look forward to chatting with you!
Americans planing to visit Ontario :New York Detroit Chicago Philadelphia Boston Washington Buffalo Rochester Cleveland Pittsburgh
Americans Planning to Visit Ontario Canada
Have you visited City of Kawartha Lakes? We would love to chat with you too!
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  1. Do you think Ontario Tourism is blindly missing the mark by promoting big city destinations over outdoor tourism?


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