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Monday, 1 September 2014

Kawartha Lakes Giant Tiger Supporting Local School - Plus Savings Tips!

Giant Tiger Lindsay Supporting King Albert Backpack Program!

FTC Disclosure:I am not affiliated with Giant Tiger, but there are other affiliate links in this post which help put groceries on our table at no extra cost to our readers. For more information see our policies page.
Giant Tiger Lindsay has great end of season pricing, and for four days they paid the tax on most items in store. Giant Tiger is also supporting King Albert Public School Backpack program. While shopping in Giant Tiger August 28th, several savvy Kawartha Lakes Insiders shared some savings tips with us that you may find helpful too. Interested?
Here is what we discovered:

Giant Tiger Supports King Albert School

Giant Tiger Lindsay is encouraging shoppers to pay some of their savings forwards by purchasing great deals to fill backpacks for students at King Albert Public School. This insider secret is a bit tricky to see - you'll see the requested deals by the check out. What deals has the Elementary school requested? Basics like pencils, lined paper, duotangs, pencil sharpeners and so on. To take part in paying your savings forwards, just pick up an item or two and tell the cashier they are for the backpack program. Note: IF you ring these purchases through separately you might be able to use these as a tax deduction - ask your accountant.

Giant Tiger Deals - How to Shop the Store

Shopping Giant Tiger, or any store takes a winning strategy. Here are some tips others shared with me at Giant Tiger. Giant Tiger truly is your save on everything store. Since my physical abilities are limited, when I do go shopping it needs to be a one stop shop. Giant Tiger is becoming my favourite.

Giant Tiger- Deal Hunting Preparations

  1. Subscribe to Giant Tiger emails and get a $5 off printable coupon to use on your shopping trip. I also got a coupon for my choice of 3 items on my birthday.Did you?
  2. Download Check out 51 before making your list to know what cashback savings you can get on household and grocery items.
  3. Get your coupons ready. Yes Giant Tiger accepts manufacturer coupons!
  4. Search other flyers for lower prices. Easy way to check the flyers? GetFlippd! Find a lower price? Bring the Flyer with you for price-matching Giant Tiger will not be beat.
  5. Check your Christmas list. Christmas? Yup Back to School time is a great time to score bargains for folks on your Christmas and birthday list.
  6. Make your shopping list - you don't want to miss a deal at this sale! You can even create a Giant Tiger Shopping list online 
  7. Bring lots of reusable bags! Smaller bags are better as you get a discount for each reusable bag.The reusable bags can be from any store. Need more reusable bags?  Giant Tiger has reusable bags supporting the Humane Society for sale at the check out.
  8. Bring a softsided cooler. A collapsible cooler is handy for those frozen groceries.
  9. Bring a friend. Two heads and two carts are better than one!

Giant Tiger - Deal Hunting Onsite

  1. Giant Tiger Deal Hunting Begins Outside the Store. Outside? Yup-outside! Giant Tiger puts amazing clearance items outside the Lindsay location. Look at all the racks for bargains.While I was thrilled with the 2 for $8 T-shirt rack, a savvy shopper pointed out many of the items on the $5 rack were marked down to only $3 - including jeans! Other great scores? Some great stocking stuffers for 10 cents. Watch for a craft post coming up.
  2. Need a hand? Just inside the door, there is a wheelchair with a basket for shopping. Many of our readers know it's very painful for me to sit, stand, or walk, and my hand will not yet let me use a wheelchair. So I found out some thing else - the friendly folks at our local Giant Tiger will help you get everything on your shopping list. Just go to the cashier and let them know you need assistance, - I am definitely doing the bulk of my shopping that way next time. Unfortunately, I will miss out on the sales racks. I do wish our local Giant Tiger had an electronic cart. Sigh :( Need to take a rest? Go try on some clothes. The change rooms have seats!
  3. Grab the Big Bin Buys near the entrance. I scored socks for 50 cents a pair. washcloths 75 cents each. Yes, I needed to buy a big pack, so guess what everyone is getting for Christmas. LOL Watch for a craft post coming up on this too.
  4. Shopping with a reluctant partner? Send them to browse the great DVD deals by the check outs. I noticed many hubbies were gathered there. NOTE: There were also some very savvy men deal shopping too. Thanks for the tip on checking the portion of peanuts in the mixed nuts, sir. There were no peanuts in the Trophy nuts on sale - making the mixed nuts a really grrreat deal!
  5. Watch for the Claw back signs and these Inside Sales Racks - Several super buy spots you want to check: Did I miss any? Just inside around the corner to the left - Ladies wear up to 75% off;  Central Sales bins with multipack items more socks 50 cent each; Shoes - end of season sales; Ladies Underwear Sales Bin by the change rooms; Unique Sales just past the change rooms; As Seen on TV - Many mark downs; Seasonal items - huge deals here; End of aisle display by the hair care -specially packaged deals; Mark down produce - still in great shape. 
  6. Every Day Grocery deals:Giant Tiger will not be beat on the following food: milk, eggs, sugar,  ... oh my I know there is something else on this list. Do you know what it is?
  7. Watch for other Savvy shoppers in Giant Tiger - Who is reading labels? Who is deliberating over a purchase? Has someone stocked up on something in their cart? Many savvy shoppers are more than willing to offer tips in our local Giant Tiger. Lots of friendly folks enjoying saving!
  8. Can't find something? Look for the CSR's decked out in Giant Tiger clothes. They will do their best to find it for you, or ask at the cash.If it is sold out you may be able to get a rain check, or Giant Tiger sometimes offers a substitute or equal or better value at the same price.
  9. At the Check out - Ring your groceries through separately, for easier cash back redemption on Checkout 51. Hand over your coupons and reusable bags first to make it easier for the cashier to give you your discount. Point out coupons and half price produce items. 

Giant Tiger Savings When You Get Home

When you arrive home the savings still continue! 
Giant Tiger Back To School Video Haul Contest Ends Sept 2
  1. Upload your grocery receipt to Check Out 51 - and get your cash back credits
  2. Do the online Giant Tiger Survey - You could win $100 Cash!
  3. Do a Giant Tiger Back to School Haul Video and enter to win great prizes!
Giant Tiger Receipt Survey - You could win $100 !
Hmm... I'm sure I missed something. What Giant Tiger Savings tips can you offer??
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