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Monday, 6 October 2014

October 5 -11 Kawartha Lakes Fire Prevention Week - Seeking Tips, Freebies and Activities?

Kawartha Lakes Mums Sharing Fire Prevention Week Fun!

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October 5-11 2014 Kawartha Lakes Fire Service is hoping to help keep more residents and visitors safe with an important message: Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives: Test Yours Every Month ! Kawartha Lakes Mums has gathered a number of resources for parents and teachers to share with their children and help them understand what to do when they hear a fire alarm. Did you know most of Kawartha Lakes is served by volunteer fire fighters? Did you know the Canadian Hearing Society has a petition about fire alarms? Curious?
We were too!
Kawartha Lakes Fire Prrvention Week Resources- Share Yours Free Printables, Online Games,Songs, Videos, Lesson Plans, Apps, Kawartha Lakes Mums Blogged
Fire Prevention Week - Kawartha Lakes Mums Offers Resources Exchange

Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives: Test Yours Every Month

Kawartha Lakes Volunteer Fire Fighters say: Working Smoke alarms Save Lives Change Your clock Change Your Battery It's the Law Dedicated to Life Safety Banner with Sparkey the fire dog and gold firefighter with smoke alarm
Kawartha Lakes Volunteer Fire Fighters Reminder
from Kawartha Lakes Fire Services
 KAWARTHA LAKES - Working smoke alarms save lives and the Kawartha Lakes Fire Service is hoping to hit home that message during Fire Prevention Week October 5 to 11. This year’s Fire Prevention Week theme is Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives: Test Yours Every Month.
 “Having a properly working fire alarm on every level of your home is not only the law, but it saves lives,” said Kawartha Lakes Fire Service Mark Pankhurst. “Unfortunately some people don’t think about it until it’s too late. We want to make sure everyone is thinking about their smoke alarms and ensuring that they are tested regularly to help prevent unnecessary tragedies in our community.” 

Fire Prevention - Ontario Statistics

Between 2008 and 2012, in 33% of all loss fires in Ontario there was either no smoke alarm (18%) or a smoke alarm was present but did not operate (15%). In 2012 alone in 19% of fires a smoke alarm was present but did not operate and in 22% of the fires there was no smoke alarm at all.
 “A lot of the property loss fires and tragedies fire departments respond to could have been prevented or significantly reduced if a working smoke alarm had been present,” said Chief Pankhurst. “We want to hit home the message that homeowners need to ensure they have a working smoke alarm on each floor of their home, and they need to be testing them monthly.”

Kawartha Lakes Fire Fighters Hitting Homes

“We’re here to help save lives and work with residents in our community to make sure they are being proactive in preventing fires and unnecessary tragedy,” Chief Pankhurst said. “We hope that as we continue to promote the benefits of working smoke alarms and go around to different homes and communities in Kawartha Lakes more and more people will get the message.”   

Fire Prevention - Share Your Story

Do you have a fire prevention story to share? What are some challenges that face your family in staying safe? We would love to hear from you. Here are some of our family's challenges. Do you have any suggestions for us? Did you read about the  two young Omemee students who helped their father escape a fire that destroyed their home last year? Would your children know what to do in case of fire?
Challenge 1 The Over Sensitive Smoke Alarm In our flat, our fire alarm is VERY sensitive - it gets tested each time we make toast! Unfortunately, having a smoke alarm that constantly goes off while cooking sometimes causes people to deactivate their alarm, and then it can't protect them when it's needed. We've heard that placing a shower cap over a smoke detector temporarily can help with this, but how safe is that? On the Kawartha Lakes Volunteer Fire Fighter site, they offer several solution to nuisance alarms. Did you know photo electric smoke alarms are best for kitchen areas, and you can get smoke alarms with pause features?
Challenge 2 The Sound Sleeper  Do you have a sound sleeper in your home? We do,and we've found they sleep through smoke alarms!Do you have any solutions to offer?
Challenge 3 Some Smoke Alarms Not Loud Enough What not loud enough? In noisy venues, some alarms sometimes cannot be heard, and people with hearing impairments face this challenge on a daily basis. A deaf couple in Bowmanville almost died in an apartment fire. Could this happen to you? Friends of ours who have a hearing impairment have a special smoke alarm in their home that includes a strobe light effect when it sounds. However, they would not be able to hear a smoke alarm in other places, for example in a hotel on vacation, or at community functions. Have you heard of a device people can use when they travel that could help them? This is what the Canadian Hearing Society petition was about - visible smoke detectors.

Fire Prevention Week Resources

2014 Fire Prevention Week Resources on Kawartha Lakes Mums

Fire Prevention Safety for Toddlers

Toddlers, more than any other age group learn through experience. Talking does mot work. Do. Involve your children in creating the plan. Let them hear the fire alarm, and role play. Firefighters in their equipment may look scary. Take your children to visit the Firehall and meet some firefighters. Watch videos about Fire safety, and have them role play being a firefighter.
Toddler Fire Fighter Costume 14,99

Looking for more Fire Prevention Week Resources? Here is a collection we've created on our Pinterest Board. 

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