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Friday, 28 November 2014

10 Black Friday Shopping Tips!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Going Black Friday Shopping? Try These Tips! 

10 Savvy Shopping Tips for Black Friday Shoppers!

Did you know November is financial Literacy Month? November is the month most people end up blowing their budget. Hopefully these tips will help you safely navigate through the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals and emerge safely and sanely in December without a pocket book hangover.
We were guests at a fab Black Friday Twitter Party the other night and pick up some great Black Friday Shopping tips.This post contains those tips with a few tweaks. 
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Kawartha Lakes Mums Black Friday Shopping Tips
What Black Friday Shopping Tips did we learn?
Glad you asked!

10 Savvy Black Friday Shopping Tips

  1. Make a list. Make a list of people you are planning to shop for, sizes, likes etc.  Do not buy items that will fit in 3years time just because they're a great deal - remember colour block? florescents? Yes fashion does come back eventually ... but... 
  2. Do your research. Check online deals posted by reliable sources like Kawartha Lakes Mums. Know what you're buying, especially when buying electronics. Check to see if loyalty rewards programs can save you even more.
  3. Check out Rebate apps like Check out 51 to stack deals.
  4. Pack reusable bags. This can save you money at the check out.
  5. Stay hydrated, and don't go hungry. Hunger and low blood sugar can lead to impulse buys.
  6. Study the store map online if possible. 
  7. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You may be in line quite a while at the check out.
  8. Use cash! Beware charge cards.  If you need to use a charge card for online shopping, pay it off as soon as you make the purchase.
  9. Shop for value. The best buy is not always the cheapest price. Buy items that can be used for more than one purpose, or that are the top rated over lower cost items that may not do the job as well.
  10. Shop with friends. What kind of friends? Friends that will talk you out of buying that sofa that is too big to fit through your door, or the entire encyclopedia collection. Beware mob shop mentality.
What Black Friday Shopping Tips do you have?
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