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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Kawartha Lakes Travellers Beware! Work and Travel Vacation Provider Alert!

Beware Global Work and Travel Says CBC!

Kawartha Lakes winter weather is setting in and minds turn to Southern climates. CBC investigative reporting team just posted warnings about Global Work and Travel .
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What's the problem with Global Work and Travel?
Glad you asked.

Global Work and Travel Leaves Travellers Stranded Without Promised Opportunities

Kawartha Lakes Travellers Beware!
Global Work and Travel, working out of Vancouver, UK and Australia was recently investigated by the CBC, after numerous travel complaints were brought to their attention.  Global Work and Travel offers travel packages that promise volunteer and work opportunities in other countries. They say they are holding up their end of the deal. According to experiences shared on CBC, not so.

Global Work and Travel Vacation Problems

CBC found that several travellers who purchased vacations through Global Work and Travel were sadly disappointed by what mets them at their destination.
What kind of disappointments?
How about arriving to do volunteer work at an girls' shelter that had closed a year earlier? 
Another experience? Arriving at a job opportunity to discover the employer had never heard of Global Work and Travel, and they had completed their hiring a month earlier. 
CBC Investigative Reporter Natalie Clancy would like to hear from other people who may have traveled with Global Work and Travel. See details at the related links below.

One Possible Travel Solution

When travelling to a foreign land, forewarned is forearmed.  Having a set of eyes on the ground at your proposed travel destination to check things out ahead of time can be helpful. For example, if each of the travellers above had been abel to asked someone familiar with the country they were visiting, it might have saved them money,time, and disappointment. 
One company that might be helpful in this aspect is

What is InterNations?

InterNations is the largest international online social network for expatriates with more than 1.3 Million members worldwide.  www.internations.org  offers expatriates a trusted network to find and get to know fellow expatriates at prestigious events and activities in their city of residence. InterNations also and provides a place to exchange and receive trustworthy information and insider tips on all expat-related topics. For civic minded expats, there are even a volunteer opportunities.
So how much does it cost?
Nada, zilch, nothing! InterNations is free to join!
InterNations Offers ExPats Community Connections
InterNations offers connections in a wide variety of cities around the world including:
What travel tips do you have to offer? ?
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